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First Nations participation in federal election helps elect record number of Native MPs

Ten days before the October 19 federal election, a group of about 100 First Nations gathered in Montreal’s Cabot Square, where they underlined the importance of voting and highlighted issues facing Indigenous people. The group then marched down Ste-Catherine Street, waving plaques and banners stressing the high suicide rates of Aboriginal ... read more ››

Saganash re-elected in northern Quebec, Liberals win majority

Romeo Saganash Justin Trudeau will be Canada’s next Prime Minister, as the nation’s longest election campaign in over 100 years ended October 19 with his Liberal Party sweeping its way into a 184-seat majority government. In a tight regional battle, Waswanipi’s Romeo Saganash retained his seat in the Abitibi–Baie-James–Nunavik–Eeyou riding. Saganash was ... read more ››

Retro Daze Café prepares to open in Chisasibi

“We’re adults, eh? Let’s enjoy life,” laughed Roger Orr, proprietor of Chisasibi’s Retro Daze Café, opening soon at 10 Fort George Road. Retro Daze is a café in name, but it’s a lot harder to describe than that. It’s sort of a café, and will soon be hosting karaoke and open-mic ... read more ››

Members of Sweden’s Sami Nation visit Eeyou Istchee

For the Indigenous Sami peoples of northern Scandinavia, the lowly lichen is an essential element to their well-being. As the main winter food staple for the reindeer population of this region, the starchy fungus thrives in healthy forests. As go the lichen, so go the reindeer, the central protein in ... read more ››

Widdle Wabbits

The trail was covered in light, dry snow, a dusting less than a centimetre, (that’s a half inch for you Elders). Uncle Loobit was ahead of us, quickly ducking into a thick bush on the side. A half-minute goes by and soon he emerges with his rabbit and stuffs it ... read more ››

A new fresh season

I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow. It was a little surprising to peer out my window and see that familiar white covering. However, up north here at the cottage, I should have realized that winter is just around the corner. For the past few weeks the ... read more ››

Election 2015: Hope defeats fear and division

For the most part, First Nations issues received little attention in this campaign cycle. Candidates focused largely on Canada’s middle class and inconsequential, inflammatory topics, like whether to allow a woman to wear a niqab during her citizenship ceremony. No questions were asked on Aboriginal topics over the five leaders’ debates, ... read more ››

Cree Connection in Hells Drug Network?

Police are investigating a possible Cree connection to a large drug-smuggling network in the Inuit communities that was recently dismantled and had links to the Hells Angels. Forty police officers raided several residences in the Montreal area on May 30 and 31, arresting six people. Among them were alleged ringleaders Gilles Allard ... read more ››

Mabel Herodier Elected as School Board Chair

The Cree School Board has a new chairperson – Mabel Herodier. Herodier got 904 votes out of 1,715 cast in the June 15 runoff poll, or 53 percent of the total. Rival candidate Kenny Blacksmith got 811 votes, or 47 percent of the total. No figures were available on what percentage of Crees ... read more ››

The Solution to Diabetes Lies with the People

The Cree Diabetes Network was formed in 1997 to address diabetes in Eeyou Istchee. In line with the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association, we want to create networks and opportunities for individuals and communities within our culture, traditions and values. Anyone is welcome to join. Today, many people are aware of the ... read more ››

Blacksmith, Herodier Enter Run-off Vote

Kenny Blacksmith and Mabel Herodier will be going head-to-head in a June 15 runoff election for chair of the Cree School Board. In the first round of voting, held June 2, Blacksmith got 475 votes out of the 1772 cast, or 27 percent. Herodier got 446 votes, or 25 percent. The other ... read more ››

Between Two Worlds

It’s never easy to help people with emotional problems. But the Crees and Inuit of generations past had a method that was both simple and effective. A respected Elder would meet with the person or a couple that was having problems to listen, talk and give suggestions. The Elder acted as ... read more ››

Uproar Over Racist Comments

Two Bearskin Airlines pilots touched off a furor when they inadvertently announced their views about Native people while the intercom was on, according to a report in Wawatay News. “All we do is haul a bunch of Indians back and forth all day,” one of the pilots allegedly said as the ... read more ››

Healthy Choices

If you have ever tried to lose weight or change anything else about yourself, you probably know how difficult it is. Last week, I had the good fortune to meet up with a friend of mine, Jennifer McLeod, health director at Wabun Tribal Council in Timmins. She looked great and ... read more ››