Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I think he spoke the truth. When you begin to ignore or not talk about what is going around you because you feel uncomfortable bringing up the matter then you are not living to your full potential.

With that little homily it’s time I talked about some things that matter. You see I have a few apologies to make.

The first one goes out to two people: Daisy and Mabel Herodier. In my story on the run-off election I put in Daisy’s name where Mabel’s was supposed to be. After not writing for a few months I found myself writing and laying out the magazine. I literally was doing both right up until the time the printer picked up the paper to be printed. I didn’t arrive back from Mistissini until Tuesday evening. This meant I only started writing on Wednesday and had to layout at the same time. Sometime during the day I must have overheard Daisy’s name used as we were doing another project with her. I am sorry for the resulting mix-up and have apologized to both. Though I have done this privately I feel it matters to do it publicly. After all, the entire mistake was a public one so the apology should be also.

I also have to apologize to my own community of Mistissini for the mistake on the cover. For those few of you who may have missed it Mistissini was spelled Mistisini. A stupid mistake that shouldn’t have happened and won’t happen again on my watch.

Thirdly I have to apologize to all you, the readers for the less than perfect work in the Nation last issue because of those mistakes and some of the grammar mistakes that happened. We have set up a method whereby this should not happen in the future. Anyhow, deadlines or not and having two writers out on another assignment, these are not the types of mistakes I like to see anytime. I will endeavor in the future to bring you the type of Nation that you have all grown used to and rightly expected this time.

There’s a saying that it takes a big man to recognize and apologize for his mistakes but to tell the truth I don’t really feel like a big man at this point in time. I feel like I have egg on my face. I do not wish to feel this way so in addition to wanting to put out the best paper possible I have the added incentive of not wishing to be embarrassed in the future.

Once again I apologize to all and accept full responsibility for the mistakes in the past issue.