Volume 5, Issue 4

45 Natives dead in Mexican massacre

In Acteal, Mexico, the Zapatistas are once again under siege. The holiday season saw 45 people murdered. Twenty-one of them were women, nine were men, 14 children and one baby under a year old were gunned down. The gunmen stormed the town, killing people in the church and then hunting down ... read more ››

Big threat from global warming

While Quebec recovers from the Ice Age of 1998, more bad news is on the way on the weather front.Environment Canada has released a new report warning of the effects of global warming. Warming caused by pollution will cause illness and deaths if nothing is done to stop it, saysEnvironment Canada. Climate ... read more ››

Break-in at Chisasibi church

The St. Philips Anglican Church in Chisasibi was broken into on two occasions during the Christmas holidays. There was no major damage to report except for the doors and ceiling tiles, though there was desecration of some of the objects in the church. The first break-in occurred before Christmas. Reverend Jacob Sealhunter ... read more ››

Capissisit lodge revisited

Didn’t have room for this the last few issues but thought that Ouje-Bougoumou’s Lodge deserved it’s good name back. Normally Neil would have first crack at this type of column, but due to the fact that he has only recently been allowed back in O.J. without having to constantly guard ... read more ››

Entrepreneurial series part four Getting Down to Business

So you’re ready to start a business!! You know your idea. You have a name for your business. Now, what the heck do you do? Start by asking yourself the following question: Do I start my business with A. My own money (saved or borrowed from friends, family) B. A loan Which one do you ... read more ››

Hard Work Paid Off For Entrepeneur

I noticed you have done some stories on entrepreneurs lately and I want to share my story for those who are thinking about starting their own business. I started a video store in Chisasibi two years ago. Like a lot of businesses I started out from my basement. I soon grew ... read more ››

How to prevent CO poisoning

Tips from the Cree Health Board on carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning: While no fatalities have beenreported in Creedom, earlier this year a hunter in Abitibi died from CO poisoning due to a defectivepropane fridge. Deaths have also resulted from a defective heating system and a vehicle stuck in the snow. Some safety ... read more ››

Ice Age’98: The Big Chill

The Prince of Darkness possesses Montreal. The Twilight Zone befalls all citizens. A prelude to TheGreat Tribulation as mentioned in Revelation? Call it what you like, but the so called “Ice Storm of ’98,” “Storm of the Century,” is a phenomenonof great proportions caused partly by that nasty boy “El Nino.” ... read more ››

It’s probably just a rumour…

It’s probably just a rumour that the devil himself was witnessed a while back walking into the hottest, so to speak, night spot in Chibougamau ordering a drink and proceeding to walk through a wall with his demonic tail disappearing. Good for him. I’ve been there. I was heading there ... read more ››

JFK: The mystery revealed

Normally I wouldn’t have the time of day to consider, let alone read, an autobiography. I havefound most autobiographies to be pompous, self-serving regurgitation of their life’s best moments,including “how I crawled out of a ditch in a drunken self induced drug stupor and turned it aroundto become the success ... read more ››

Mother Nature: 1Hydro-Quebec: 0

We all thought that last year was the one where Mother Nature got really upset at Canada. We had the floods out west threatening to drown Winnipeg on the heels of the Sageunay floods. Perhaps we didn’t give enough attention to the Grand Old Lady and her powers. Well, most of ... read more ››

No Problemo in Kahnawake

On Day 9 of the crisis, the south shore of Montreal is in a state of emergency. Half a million people are being evacuated. But how are the 7,000 Mohawks of Kahnawake, who are also on the south shore? They are fine. “It is definitely not a state of emergency here,” said ... read more ››

North Bay To Host Tournament

Hockey tournament fever is spreading to North Bay. The city will host its first-ever Native hockeyconference Jan. 30 to Feb. I at the Pete Palangio Arena and Memorial Gardens. Twenty four teams will face off in the Northern Star Unity Cup, which offers over $15,000 inprizes and awards. The tournament is the ... read more ››

Sparks fly at Indian Affairs ceremony Phil Fontaine accused of “jumping in bed” with Feds

The guests expected a solemn and dignified ceremony to mark the beginning of “reconciliation.”Instead, they got World War Three, as one surprised guest put it. The event in question was Canada’s official burying of the hatchet with Native people. After a year ofwaiting, the government finally responded to the many recommendations ... read more ››

supreme court shocker

The highest couvt of the land fuis made an important and surprising decisionthat will affect all First Nations in some way or other. In a decisionthat shocked many, the Supreme Court of Canada has recognized that Native oral law is just asvalid as any written law enacted by a government. This ... read more ››

Talks take 100 years to start

The people of two Saskatchewan First Nations who saw their land unlawfully taken almost 100 years agoare finally getting a hearing from Indian Affairs. The people of the Moosomin First Nation, near Battleford, were under tremenous pressure from settlersand politicians to surrender their reserve in the late 1800s. The reserve was ... read more ››

Tips from Winners Toboggans to restaurants

This is your typical rags to riches story. Charlie Brien, a Cree from Mistissini, started building his restaurant business back in 1970. He didn’t start off with any grants, a large cash stake or even a high school diploma. What he had was more than that. He had a desire ... read more ››

Your Horrorscope: Food for thought for 1998

(Yes, we are in the holiday spirit) Capricorn (Dec. 23-Jan. 19) Now it’s the time to reflect on the past year. Look at what has been done and look at what is left to do. Focus your energy on becoming more assertive for this is the area that needs much work. ... read more ››