The St. Philips Anglican Church in Chisasibi was broken into on two occasions during the Christmas holidays.

There was no major damage to report except for the doors and ceiling tiles, though there was desecration of some of the objects in the church.

The first break-in occurred before Christmas. Reverend Jacob Sealhunter said the perpetrator(s) entered the church by forcing the back door on the eastern side of the building. It is unknown whether anything was stolen. No wine or money is kept at the church. The candles by the altar had been lit The bible at the altar had burns on the corner of the pages.

The doors leading to some of the rooms had been locked so some doors were forced or ceiling tiles knocked down so the intrudor(s) could climb the wall and gain access to the room.

Again on the evening of the I st of January the church was broken into.

Again there was nothing reported stolen. There were, however, candy wrappers littering the church.There was also a used condom found on the floor. These acts prompted the clergy to go on the air,on the local radio, to let the people know about the crime.

Reverend Sealhunter expressed his wishes that these persons do not do it again. He added that he hasnothing against these people and he is “willing to talk to him or them. Nothing is stopping them fromcoming to church. It is an important part of the community and should be respected.”