Tips from the Cree Health Board on carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning: While no fatalities have beenreported in Creedom, earlier this year a hunter in Abitibi died from CO poisoning due to a defectivepropane fridge. Deaths have also resulted from a defective heating

system and a vehicle stuck in the snow.

Some safety tips:

1. If you are doing maintenance of small motor tools or snowmobiles in the basement or garage,don’t run the motor indoors.

2. Don’t leave a vehicle motor running in a garage, even if the door is open.

3. When there is an electricity failure, some people use campstoves… Just don’t use them inside ortry to use them as heating devices.

4. If your vehicle becomes stuck in the snow, make sure the exhaust is clear and do not run the enginecontinuously.

5. Make sure that propane fridges and stoves are well-maintained; newer models come with an integratedCO alarm.

6. Wood-burning stoves: Is the heat exchanger clean and airtight? Is there enough air intake?Are pipes and chimneys clean?