ARTICLES BY Catherine Bainbridge

Chisasibi’s Beavers take it to the Limit – Nine to eleven-year-olds come within a goal of provincial glory

The Chisasibi Beavers were on fire in the third period of the provincial championships in Louiseville, Quebec, slamming in two goals to tie up an intense game against The Diplomats from Laurentian / Lanaudière. The Diplomats scored two early goals in the first period, but really started to feel the heat ... read more ››

No Problemo in Kahnawake

On Day 9 of the crisis, the south shore of Montreal is in a state of emergency. Half a million people are being evacuated. But how are the 7,000 Mohawks of Kahnawake, who are also on the south shore? They are fine. “It is definitely not a state of emergency here,” said ... read more ››

Hydro Brass gets Earful in Chisasibi

On Sept. 11, in a historic visit, the top management of Hydro-Quebec visited Chisasibi and addressed the many problems caused by their hydro projects. Everyone listened politely for over two hours, as five top Hydro executives-including the president, chair of the board and finance director-spoke of a “renewed relationship” with Crees. However, ... read more ››

New Projects in the Works in James Bay: HQ

It’s now out in the open. During a meeting in Chisasibi, Hydro-Quebec’s top executives admitted publicly that the utility wants to build new projects in Iyiyuuschii and offer Crees some form of “partnership” and “profit-sharing” in these new developments. “We are here to renew our relationship with Crees,” said Hydro-Quebec President Andre ... read more ››

Cree to play for Montreal Canadiens

Thirteen-year-old Cree hockey star Charly Washipabano will play as a member of the Montreal Canadiens in a tournament game against the New York City Rangers in Quebec City this coming Febrauary 8th. Okay. It’s not the Montreal Canadiens, but a new team called the Little Montreal Canadiens. And it’s not an ... read more ››

Air Creebec flying into the black ink

Things are starting to look up at Air Creebec. More natives have been hired. The management team has been restructured and perhaps most importantly, the Cree Nation’s airline company is making a profit for the first time in four and a half years. “AIR CREEBEC HAS been on the hot seat for ... read more ››

Report found problems in how Air Creebec used to be managed

AIR CREEBEC WAS alerted to many of its serious financial and managerial problems about a year and a half ago, when a consulting firm did a detailed analysis of the Cree airline. The consultants’ report was prepared for CreeCo. President Abel Kitchen by the firm Raymond, Chabot, Martin, Pare. A copy was ... read more ››

Should We Stay or Should We Go

There is lots of talk about Quebec possibly separating from Canada. What isn’t being talked about are the rights and options Crees have if Quebec separates. The separatist Parti Québécois is the favoured winner in the next election, which could beheld as early as June. A growing number of Quebecers seem ... read more ››