Category: 2008-04-11

Politics, Racism and Corporate Prisoners

In this issue we have photos showing anti-racism and the progress that has been made in northern Quebec in the Val d’Or region. Unfortunately we also have photos of what I would describe as selective racism as well. I am referring to the sentencing of a chief, four band councillors and ... read more ››

KI in dire straits: Tiny Ontario community continues to fight Ontario government, big business and the justice system

The tiny Ojibwa/Cree community of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI), Ontario, is losing more control of its traditional territory as the exploration company Platinex has garnered support from Ontario and the provincial justice system. The latest saga in the battle for mining on KI’s land has ended in a six-month jail term ... read more ››

Something’s sparkling: The impact of a new diamond mine

There have been various minerals discovered and mined in Eeyou Istchee over the years and the Nation has now learned that diamonds could be added to the list after a recent announcement that Stornoway Diamond Corp. is trying to get a road built to access an area known as the ... read more ››

Second fire in Chisasibi in two months

A fire destroying the home of Tamela Bobbish and family is the second fire in Chisasibi within the past two months where the families involved lost everything. According to the Bobbish family, one of their children was playing with matches in the basement at the time the fire started on Friday, ... read more ››

Mistissini’s Sports Complex wins prestigious award

The new Neoskweskau Sports Complex in Mistissini has won an award in the Mechanical Electrical Buildings category at the Annual Quebec Engineering Association Awards, March 27. Mistissini picked up the award for the innovative geothermal heating system of the sports complex. Mistissini Chief John Longchap says the geothermal technology they used can ... read more ››

UQAT to hold 6th Annual First Nations Symposium

The Universite du Quebec en Abitibi-Temiscamingue will hold its 6th Annual First Nations Symposium on May 28 at the Forestel Hotel in Val-d’Or. The symposium is designed to make participants aware of Native perspectives and realities. The hope is that this new awareness will encourage co-existence and co-operation between Aboriginal and ... read more ››

Looking for recognition: The Washaw Sibi Eeyou long for their own community

The Washaw Sibi Eeyou have struggled with many issues since the 1960’s when the federal government placed them on lands belonging to a different nation and in doing so, effectively abandoned the people and their needs. They have had to deal with racism, from the Algonquin and white people in Pikogan ... read more ››

March against racism

The Gabriel-Commanda Walk on March 20 gathered some 1000 people in the streets of Val-d’Or, in spite of freezing weather, to say “No” to racism, in response to the Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre’s invitation. The 8th edition of the Walk marked the high point of the Awareness Week for the ... read more ››

Turning Blue: Lise Kistabish is Conservative Party choice for Abitibi-Temiscamingue riding

Though there may not be a federal election for some time to come, Lise Kistabish, an Algonquin from Pikogan, entered uncharted territory last February 20 when she became the Conservative Party candidate in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue riding. Though there were four others originally vying for the coveted position, Kistabish said, “I won ... read more ››

The Return of the Canada Goose

It is early May and the sun is setting to the west and painting the landscape to the east with reddish and yellowish colours. There is no sign of cloud and not a breath of wind. Somewhere over the ancient land of the Cree, a squadron of Canada Geese fly ... read more ››

Working together: A proactive approach leads to cooperation in mining development

A proactive approach by Northgate Minerals Corporation has resulted in a cooperative relationship with the Matachewan First Nation of Ontario concerning the development of the Young Davidson mine. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony was held in Matachewan First Nation on Tuesday March 25 and it included signatories from ... read more ››

Rusty Cheezo, new Chief of Eastmain

Rusty Cheezo beat out Edward Gilpin with 145 votes to Gilpin’s 111 to become Eastmain’s new Chief. In the race for Deputy Chief, Johnny Tomatuk defeated incumbent John Brown by an overwhelming majority of 176 votes to Brown’s 82 votes. The March 20 and 21 election for Chief and Council of ... read more ››

Protecting the game: The Woodland caribou under threat

The Woodland caribou lives in the boreal forest, a 10,000-year-old ecosystem which stretches from British Columbia and the Yukon all the way to Labrador and Newfoundland. The migratory caribou of northern Quebec and Labrador are comprised of two herds: the Leaf herd and the George River herd. Together they make ... read more ››

The dragonflies are coming

I took a short walk this early spring afternoon. Even though I was surrounded by huge snow-banks, I had the feeling that spring was in the air. The sun was shining bright but a cool breeze reminded me that winter was not leaving without a fight. On the ground, the ... read more ››