Volume 19, Issue 3

Bridging the generations

  The trickster has long played an important role in the oral traditions of Aboriginal peoples around the world. For some, the trickster may be a dangerous or destructive being, for others, an adventurous and humorous friend. In either case, the trickster is typically a creative force and an important part ... read more ››

Bringing justice home

  On November 29, the community of Oujé-Bougoumou opened the doors to its brand-new justice facility that will be serving the community and surrounding region. The building will give the public access to the justice system and allow them to actively participate. This accessibility will also provide jobs as well as ... read more ››

Christmas report card

The National Hockey League is approaching the 1/3 mark of the 2011-2012 season. Here is a quick look at how NHL players of Aboriginal descent are performing so far this season. All the players’ stats below were recorded on December 5. Aaron Asham – Pittsburgh Penguins, RW Métis Hometown: Portage La Prarie, Manitoba GP   ... read more ››

Christmas round-up

So Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is getting ready for the influx of family members as well as festive dinners. Snow has fallen already and things are gearing up for a good holiday season.   In some places Christmas celebrations have already happened. But there is plenty more planned ... read more ››

Coping with grief

The First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec and Labrador (FNISPAQL) recently held its annual conference in Montreal. This year, the Dialogue for Life 2011 Conference marked the 10th anniversary of the association and brought together hundreds of frontline workers from Aboriginal communities across Quebec, Labrador and the ... read more ››

Crazy about the children

  There could have been no better opportunity than National Child’s Day on November 21 to allow community members of Waskaganish to organize a day of fun-filled activities for all their children. The participation and performances of our youth throughout the day did not go unnoticed and they deserve all the ... read more ››

Delicious delights for the holidays!

With the shopping all done and the tree ornaments hung, the next thing to think about for your holiday festivities is what to serve your loved ones as you celebrate the holidays. While Christmas is a holiday that is all about tradition and familiarity, if you are looking to debut something ... read more ››

Ethnic cleansing, Canadian style

There’s one thing that Canada’s First Nations chiefs can say in Stephen Harper’s favour in his approach to the housing crisis at Attawapiskat; and that’s that he achieved the unlikely feat of uniting the fractious and faction-ridden group of Native leaders across the country. They are coming together in solidarity ... read more ››

It’s okay to blame the victim

  Though the Ontario Cree community of Attawapiskat has been in crisis over education, housing and health for many years, since its recent time in the media spotlight over a dire housing crisis, the Canadian government has chosen to blame the community over simply handing out aid.   According to Timmins-James Bay NDP ... read more ››

It’s time to start working together

  Christmas is right around the corner. It is supposed to be a time of peace, love and good will to each other. Instead, I feel more or less heartbroken.   I thought that when Canada found out about my people in Attawapiskat and their housing crisis, they would respond in a positive ... read more ››

Loon gets caught in freeze

On the morning of December 2, Stanley Mianscum alerted the community of Mistissini of a loon caught in the ice. After some discussions with the tallymen and the local safety department it was decided to rescue the loon and help it continue south. Hunter Matthew Shecapio thought it probably should ... read more ››

McGill students hold benefit concert in support of Attawapiskat

In December 5, McGill University’s Aboriginal Sustainability Project hosted a benefit concert in support of the people of Attawapiskat and to raise awareness of the housing issues that First Nations communities across Canada face. The Aboriginal Sustainability Project is supported at McGill by First Peoples’ House, the Social Equity and ... read more ››

Speech… speech

  I recently had the honour of being recognized as the Economic Developer Officer of the Year at the annual gala held by the Eeyou Economic Group, which is directed by my peers from the other Cree communities. As I thought about what I would say and which speech mode I ... read more ››

Team work

Jonathan Saganash is the young, forward-thinking communications officer for the Cree Economic Enterprise Company (CREECO Inc.). He has big plans for the future of Eeyou Istchee but feels he’s up for the challenge.   Recently, Saganash represented CREECO Inc. at the ninth edition of the Secretariat to the Cree Nation Abitibi-Témiscamingue (SCNATEA) ... read more ››

To John Ivison, The National Post

  I did call you back and left a message in your voicemail. Indeed, witnessing the horrible and deplorable living conditions of First Nation peoples of Attawapiskat gives a black eye to all Canadians. It is very sad and totally unacceptable for anyone to be expected to raise their children, their Elders ... read more ››

Wheelin’ and dealin’

  December 1 marked a big day for the entrepreneurs of the Nations of Eeyou Istchee. Almost 400 people came to Val-d’Or from as far away as Nunavut to network, celebrate and discuss their future.   The people packed into the Forestel Hotel were there for two events. In the morning, the Secretariat ... read more ››

Where’s the heat?

The communities of Chisasibi and Wemindji declared a state of emergency on Monday, December 5, following a total power outage that left homes and public buildings without heat at a time when windchills were reaching down into the -30s.   At press time, emergency supplies of generators, stoves, firewood, propane, flashlights and ... read more ››