So Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is getting ready for the influx of family members as well as festive dinners. Snow has fallen already and things are gearing up for a good holiday season.


In some places Christmas celebrations have already happened. But there is plenty more planned for the upcoming holiday season. Each of the communities will be holding their annual Christmas mass as well as communal feasts.


So here a small glimpse at what is going on in some of the communities.


In Chisasibi, things have already gone into full holiday mode with the Firefighters Christmas fundraising drive that was held on December 1. Chisasibi held their Christmas fun night on December 3 as they had to move it up from December 2 because of the funeral of Thomas Pachano.


But not to worry, the fun will continue on until after New Year’s with a Christmas light contest on December 14 as well as a snow sculpture contest being held between Christmas and New Year’s.


Eastmain will begin their festivities on December 24 and they will continue until the New Year. On December 27 there will be a Christmas party at the school gymnasium for an older crowd starting at 7pm. Lots of fun stuff to do there as well as cash prizes, such as a $100 prize for the highest points in darts with a game every hour plus other ways to win.


On December 28, there will be a youth day at the school gymnasium with fun activities for all the young ones to participate in and win some cash prizes between 5pm and 7pm. The highest going for first place in the Balloon Protection, Romantic Waltz, and Tights of War competitions and the prize is $120.


The next day, December 29, Santa will visit the church at 2pm for children under 12, and at 7pm there will be a community dance that will include a kinect dance competition. On December 30, there will be an Elders’ night out starting at 7pm. Cash prizes for events and darts ranging from $20 to $100.


On New Year’s Eve, there will be a Christmas sofa sleigh event as well as a skidoo race. There will also be a celebrity lip-syncing concert followed by the church service. Traditional Santa farewell of shooting up in the sky will end the night. On New Year’s Day, the community potluck supper will be held at 7pm in the school gymnasium.


In Nemaska, there will be Christmas festivities from December 26 to January 1. Before then, on December 20, there will be the annual Christmas concert held at the high school starting at 6pm.


In Mistissini, there will be Christmas activities during the holidays between December 24 and January 1.


So enjoy whatever you do and have lots of fun over the holidays!