Volume 12, Issue 21

A Walk Through Time

I took a walk through my old elementary school in Attawapiskat recently. The J.R. Nakogee Elementary School is a hard place to miss in a small community. The large, grey-coloured, one-story building sits right in the heart of town. It is a sprawling structure extending from east to west in ... read more ››

Air Rally Soars to Success

The 2005 International Air Rally was off to a flying start with a six-day “Cree Challenge” that brought international attention to the Cree communities of Quebec. The “Cree Challenge” took place August 12-17 with 23 aircraft and crews from places as diverse as California and Romania. The flights took off from ... read more ››

Back to School Blues

In this issue we talk about going back to school. Some students look forward to going back. I know I did. The chance to learn something new, hook up with old friends, make new ones and see another place than home was always something to look forward to. On the other ... read more ››

Bad News Hounds

I see a certain flair to the articles flying about in cyber/paper-space that are driven by sensational stories of killings, bad politicians, rampant substance abuse, chronic alcoholism and poor grades. I brush those aside and think about how good life is and get on with my day. Sure, there are problems; ... read more ››

Drunk Driver Finally Pleads Guilty

Justice has been served 26 months after a drunk-driving incident that originated in Radisson and ended in the deaths of three people from Chisasibi. The July 2003 incident saw an intoxicated Irene Pepabano get behind the wheel of a car with four other Chisasibi residents in the early morning hours. The ... read more ››

First Nations Student Wins Top Scholarship

Ariane Starblanket of the Cree Star Blanket First Nation in Saskatchewan is one of 34 recipients of the Millennium Excellence Award from the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. The $4,000 prize enables her to attend any college or university of her choice. “It was a big honour,” Starblanket said. “I plan on ... read more ››

Maamweedow More Popular Than Ever

Maamweedow, Chisasibi’s 17th annual traditional gathering on Fort George Island, was so successful this year it was extended beyond its original four days to a full week of singing, dancing, feasting and games. “This was the best Maamweedow so far,” said Dolores Audet Washipabano, member of the Mamooweedow Committee. “There was ... read more ››

Moose Cree First Nation Election Results

On August 9th, 2005, the following people were elected to the position of: Office of Chief: Patricia Faries Office of Deputy Chief: Charlie Cheecho Office of Youth Councilor: Jason Smallboy To the Office of Councilor: 1. Nellie Trapper 2. Earl Cheechoo 3. Mildred Aliasppi 4. Peter Wesley 5. ... read more ››

The Abc’s and 123’s Of Staying Healthy At School

Family physician Dr. Jennifer Pettigrew advises parents to keep the following tips in mind to help children stay healthy throughout the school year. Sending the kids back to school — the moment a parent waits for all summer. But doesn’t it seem that once the school year begins, kids actually spend ... read more ››

Tips For First-Year Post-Secondary Students Or, How To Make Sure There’s a Second Year!

Almost all universities and colleges have a place for First Nations students, such as McGill’s First Nations House or Concordia’s Centre for Native Education. They can ease the stress of moving far from home and dealing with academia. These places offer orientation seminars and a place to meet other Native ... read more ››

Washaw Sibi Cree Walk to New Home – Hope to Correct Historic Injustice

The Washaw Sibi Crees reached a new level in their fight to be recognized as the 10th Cree community this month as they walked 115 kilometres from Amos to an old campground that they hope will be their new home. The Washaw Sibi Eeyou have been struggling to be included in ... read more ››

Waswanipi AGA Heats Up Election Fever

The elections for Grand Chief and Deputy Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees were the hot topic at this year’s Annual General Assembly in Waswanipi. Much of the buzz is over current Deputy Chief Paul Gull, who is challenging Ted Moses for Grand Chief. His attention to the youth, ... read more ››

World Indigenous Leaders Call For End To Poverty

Indigenous Nations from all over the world were invited by the Grand Council of the Crees to meet and discuss viable solutions to their problems – most notably poverty – as the united Nations heads into it second decade dedicated to Aboriginal peoples. Twenty-five Indigenous experts from five continents called on ... read more ››