I see a certain flair to the articles flying about in cyber/paper-space that are driven by sensational stories of killings, bad politicians, rampant substance abuse, chronic alcoholism and poor grades. I brush those aside and think about how good life is and get on with my day.

Sure, there are problems; who hasn’t had one in their life? I’d like to meet someone who has no problems and can say no problemo with ease and conviction, and I’d shake that perfect hand until my fingers would fall off. I suspect that I will keep all my fingers ’til the day I die.

I don’t see life as a perfect vision of what many wish to have as a future. I look toward a future full of imperfections and problems that I can contend with. It’s one where I don’t have to worry about high-jacked school buses, heroin and crack addicts on the corners of busy commercial centres, drive-by shootings and other contemporary urban scenarios portrayed on hyper-reality TV.

Sure, the news is more exciting if the situations call for it, with reporters falling all over themselves to capture the news on the spot, but somehow, the good news is often labelled as ho-hum stuff.

But the good news is pretty good: graduates are leaving their home towns to get a good education in the south; the economic scenario is rosier and rosier; gold prices are rising and petroleum giants become giant behemoths of power; many more are employed. But who wants to hear about the successes if there isn’t some juicy gossip to dress it up?

I think we are all bored to death and require sensationalism to spice things up. What’s a rosy day if there isn’t a glum one to compare to?

What’s an A-plus grade compared to the number of drop outs? Why must we focus on the sour side of life, just to make our own lives better as a result?

Focusing on a good thing will lead to good things in life and some day all the problems will go away because we won’t need them to make our lives better.

Did you know that there are successful people out there who have rightfully gained their own inner peace through wise monetary management? Did you know that we Cree have the best benefits package in Canada? Did you know that we have rightful access to our lands for harvesting year-round? Did you know we have the best education service in the country? Did you know that, in comparison to other communities, we have it more than just good? I feel that sometimes the news is just too bad for my taste and I tend to shut off my bad news nose at five o’clock.

Speaking of noses… I smell a close call for the coming elections. Is anyone willing to bet on a runoff election for both pilot and co-jock of Eeyou Istchee? The prize is that the winner gets to shake my hand for eternity or until a pinkie falls off.

’Nuff said about the latest news -it’s berry picking time again. I am heavily armed with fishing gear to provide the catch of the day to mix with my berries. I am ready to venture forth out on the land and compete with the foraging black bear for pectin and anti-carcinogenics. I will return sated with the fruits of the lands, just like it is guaranteed to me in the good old JBNQA. (I’m feeling a little patriotic right now). Until then, exercise your right to vote (of course after proving you really are a Cree).