Indigenous Nations from all over the world were invited by the Grand Council of the Crees to meet and discuss viable solutions to their problems – most notably poverty – as the united Nations heads into it second decade dedicated to Aboriginal peoples.

Twenty-five Indigenous experts from five continents called on the governments of their respective Nations to work within the spirit of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Montreal on August 11th, and at the same time change archaic policies towards Aboriginal people in Canada.

The group stressed that the 350 million Indigenous peoples of the world continue to be the most impoverished and marginalized.

Indigenous peoples, the group said, need the help of the world community at large if they are to break out of the bleak situation they are in and become more of a thriving, economically viable force on the global stage.

The four-day meeting coincided with August 9th, the International day of the World’s Indigenous People’s. Leaders attending were from Burkina Faso, parts of Africa, Greenland, the U.S., Argentina and other parts of the world.