Volume 9, Issue 24

“I just wanna ride my bicycle” Kwanah Sioui-Moar – downhill mountain biker

People use the expression “It’s like riding a bike” in reference to a task that’s easy to do, as if it’s almost second nature, one that seems to require no thought or skill whatsoever. Riding a bicycle may be a relatively easy thing to do next to, say, riding an ... read more ››

Adopt a river

I often wonder if Hydro-Quebec directors ever weigh the benefits of having the premier of Quebec’s Montreal office in their building against the number of protests that happen in front of their headquarters. This was one of the protests that involved both Hydro-Quebec and Premier Landry as a representative of ... read more ››

Federal negotiators back at table with Lubicon

In a major step forward for Lubicon Lake Indian Nation treaty settlement talks, the province is set to join negotiations in October. The Herald-Tribune of Grande Prairie, Alberta, reports that agreement on bilateral issues between the Lubicon and the federal government reached conclusion Sept. 20, the same day Indian Affairs Minister ... read more ››

Inuit suicide rate among world’s highest

Canada’s relatively low murder and suicide rates mask a disturbing trend in suicides among Inuit people, says an Associated Press report on a World Health Organization study. Among the Inuit people in northern Canada there were overall suicide rates of between 60 and 75 per 100,000 people, compared with 15 per ... read more ››

Just when you thought we were safe…

I happen to live in Whapmagoostui, were the weather is harsh at many times and fair on a few. The community depends on its resources and when those resources are down, times get even tougher. For example, just around Halloween last year, the power generating station caught fire and for ... read more ››

Natives file $12.5 billion lawsuit

A national class-action lawsuit has been launched in Ontario seeking more than $12.5 billion in federal compensation for the 91,000 people who attended Indian residential schools across Canada. The Assembly of First Nations, Canada’s largest native organization is endorsing the claim. “’The AFN will indicate to the courts they are supportive ... read more ››

Queens, Natives and history

The Globe and Mail reports on a special reunion – one that bridged the generations. One hundred and five years ago, a famed powwow dancer named Chief John Big Win from the Mnjikaning First Nation in Ontario performed for Queen Victoria at London’s Crystal Palace in honour of her Golden ... read more ››

Randall Pachanos-Wasipabano

It’s been a while since I wrote to the Cree Nation about our Cree athletes. I have been watching a lot of games, talked to many athletes and parents, but most of all heard so many good stories. I first would like to wish luck to Helen Gunner in her ... read more ››

Standing Up For Our Rights

Over the past few years there have been some unsettling developments taking place that could affect myself, my home community of Attawapiskat on the James Bay coast and other First Nations people across the country. There are new political movements at the provincial and national levels of government that are ... read more ››

The Great Law of Change

(Previously published in The Eastern Door) What would the future be like if we were serious about making change? It’s become increasingly clear to people in First Nations communities (if not their leaders) that until we restore our traditional governments to power and recover the strength of our unity, Canadian ... read more ››

The Spooky Story of Halloween

Two thousand long years ago, the Celtic tribes of England, Ireland and France started their New Year at the end of their harvest and at the beginning of the cold winter months. In these parts of the old world, the new calendar year started on November 1. Their New Year’s ... read more ››

Wemindji has new deputy chief Chief position contested but nobodies talking for now

Just who is the chief of Wemindji? The electoral officer says it is Reggie Mark, but apparently the matter may be taken to the courts. The Nation asked Chief Reggie Mark for an interview, but he said he couldn’t comment or even issue a statement due to legal complications. A re-count ... read more ››

Wemindji hosts residential school conference

Wemindji’s residential school project, called “Healing the Generations,” began last March. It’s a one year project that will address the effects of residential schools, and is funded by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. Over the October 4-6 weekend, the Wemindji Wellness Center organized and hosted their first residential school local community ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for the scariest night of the year. Below are a few snack ideas for you and the little ghouls. Enjoy and add all the arsenic you want to any of the recipes.   Spider Pizza 1 prebaked pizza crust or prepackaged ... read more ››