Volume 8, Issue 8

Aboriginal Equality and All That

In early January, University of Toronto law professor Patrick Macklem released a book called Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada. This book talks about the legacy of European colonization in Canada and says that the Aboriginal Peoples in Canada have a unique constitutional relationship with the State. As an ... read more ››

Class Action Brewing on Rez Schools

A group of Crees in Waswanipi is hoping to spearhead the first class-action lawsuit in Quebec on Native residential schools. And they have the support of the Grand Council of the Crees, which is offering to coordinate any Cree residential-school suit. That would make it the first residential-school court action in Canada ... read more ››

Community Celebrates Youth Centre Opening

Waswanipi residents and invited dignitaries were on hand for the opening of the community’s long-awaited youth centre. The official ribbon-cutting, held Feb. 15, was attended by Grand Chief Ted Moses and Quebec Native Affairs Minister Guy Chevrette. The ceremony was followed by a banquet and a concert. Next day, the celebrations ... read more ››

Happy Women’s Day!

On March 8, women around the world will celebrate International Women’s Day. This day commemorates ordinary women and their struggle for equal rights. In honour of the special day, we offer a brief chronology of how this observance came about: 1857: On March 8, women garment and textile workers in New York ... read more ››

Lead us not to Temptation Island

Imagine you and your significant partner with a dozen other couples stranded on a deserted island with only your wits and piety to preserve yourself and your sanities. This sounds like Temptation Island to me and guess what. Crees and many other indigenous peoples around the world have been in ... read more ››

Making Tracks

Filmmaker Shirley Cheechoo is not the easiest person to track down these days. First I tried a phone number in Utah where, having disturbed someone’s vacation, I was informed that they had never heard of Shirley Cheechoo. I then tried a number in Ontario, only to connect with an answering ... read more ››

Mill Closing Prompts Financial Worries

Thirty Waswanipi residents are drawing Employment Insurance after the Nabakatuk sawmill temporarily shut its doors last month. The closing has renewed alarm in the community about the cost of keeping the four-year-old sawmill open. “(The employees) took it pretty well. They understand we had no choice but to close,” said Peter Gull, ... read more ››

NAHO – National Aboriginal Health Organization

On Friday, February 16, The Nation participated in a nationwide teleconference held by the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO). The conference, hosted by NAHO chairperson Dr. Judith Bartlett and executive director Richard Jock, was geared to provide aboriginal media from across the country with information, and to field any questions ... read more ››

The Days of the Indian Prisons

Still, to this day, it’s hard for me to fully comprehend why — let alone believe that – not only one but two residential schools would be part of my life in this world. I am very grateful to have come through alive in these “Indian prisons” that took people’s lives ... read more ››

The Perfect Hamburger

One year my dad decided to open up a restaurant. The place went through a few changes and suddenly I, along with a couple of my younger brothers, ended up running the operation. Considering I was 17 and my two brothers were younger, the restaurant business was not exactly a natural ... read more ››

The Worst Day of the Year…

We present two accounts by Waswanipi Crees on their residential school experiences. The Nation: Which residential school did you go to? Lily Gull Sutherland: Shingwauk Residential School in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. For how many years? I think nine years, when I started in Kindergarten to Grade 8. During high school we boarded in ... read more ››

White Everywhere

My brother, White intruders stormed our community last night, they swept in by the air, blocked our roads, stilled our waters – what could we do but retreat into the familiarity of our homes. It was unexpected and certainly unwelcome. The great grey one in our home had to arm himself ... read more ››