My brother,

White intruders stormed our community last night, they swept in by the air, blocked our roads, stilled our waters – what could we do but retreat into the familiarity of our homes. It was unexpected and certainly unwelcome. The great grey one in our home had to arm himself with a shovel and fight his way down the stairs this morning. It seemed like he would never reach the sanctuary of his beloved truck. Many families awakened to the realization of the after-math of yesternights events. Oh the tribulations that our brothers to the south will not know and endure. Unlike the geese, we are bound to the land and will not leave it to these cold, ruthless intruders. We survive and will not succomb to their cruelties. We do not take this opportunity, like the earth to sleep and renew itself – instead we thrive upon the chance to stand up against the seemingly endless onslaughts. One of these intruders seemed so harmless at first but then it decided to bring more of its kind. It soon surrounded us and took the land. We wait for time means nothing to us, we know the truth that it is not the first time we have encountered this affrontation and it will not be the last.

So be it that another sun will rise that will bring light and warmth to our hearts. Take heed and remain strong in your village for

should these intruders come to you, they will seek to dominate your

lives but the seasons and tide will change and you will