Volume 8, Issue 6

Air Creebec May Have to Leave Dorval

Air Creebec passengers might be touching down at St. Hubert Airport one day soon instead of Dorval. Air Creebec’s hangar on the west side of the airport is slated for demolition as Dorval goes through a $180-million expansion. The structure is one of five large hangars used by Air Canada, Royal Airlines, ... read more ››

Algonquin Faces Prison Over Logging Protest

An Algonquin man is going on trial in Val d’Or in March for blocking logging trucks in the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. He faces a possible prison term. Jacob Wawatie, of Barrière Lake, was charged with public mischief last August when police raided a checkpoint he had helped erect on a ... read more ››

Canada Illegally Spied on Mohawks at Oka: Ex-spy

An ultra-secret Canadian spy agency broke the law by spying on barricaded Mohawks during the Oka Crisis of 1990, according to a former Canadian intelligence officer. The allegations come from Fred Stock, who worked for the secretive Communications Security Establishment between 1987 and 1991. The agency, known as The Farm to employees, ... read more ››

Clinton Out, Peltier Still In

Leonard Peltier’s hopes for a presidential pardon were dashed when Bill Clinton freed more than 150 people from jail, but not him. The outgoing president waited until his last day in office to decide that Peltier wouldn’t be among those pardoned. Pardons went to a slew of jailed businesspeople, former politicians and ... read more ››

Dialysis Clinic Brings Crees Home

The big moment has finally arrived and was celebrated on January 22, 2001 when a kidney dialysis clinic was officially opened in the Chibougoumou hospital. No longer would Crees have to go to Montreal for dialysis treatments. Unfortunately the Nation couldn’t make it to the ceremonies marking the arrival of ... read more ››

Great Whale Dead in the Water Again

Like some monster in a bad horror movie, the Great Whale project has been killed for the third time. The Grand Council of the Crees issued a press release on Jan. 22 rejecting the latest proposal to revive the hard-to-kill hydro-electric project. This time. Crees were promised that they would eventually be ... read more ››

Health Board Issues Cold Medicine Warning

Crees are being advised to stay away from dozens of cold medicines that contain something called PPA – short for phenylpropanolamine. This PPA is used for stuffy noses and is present in many cough, cold, sinus and allergy medications. The warning comes from the Cree Health Board and Health Canada after a ... read more ››

How to be a Superstar

Man, was I surprised to see Neil Diamond and Wernie Ebb jump out the plane and onto the frozen tarmac. They immediately shivered in the arctic winds and disappeared into the circa 1950’s hangar after a few soul greetings and handshakes. Little did I know that they were going to ... read more ››

Kenny Loon’s Resignation Saddens Community

Intern-chief John Longchap said it was very hard for Mistissini residents to understand why Kenny Loon resigned as Chief of Mistissini. “The people had no advance notice. They were shocked,” Longchap said. Longchap said the Band Council didn’t foresee the effect the resignation would have on the community. “A lot of ... read more ››

Montreal’s AutoShow 2001

Once again the Olympic Stadium was the place of choice for the Montreal Auto Show 2001. No one so much as whispered a word about the time the show was canceled due to snow caving in the roof. It was obvious that this wasn’t a problem for the 90,000 or ... read more ››

Reporting: Speech from the Throne

I never realized what dirty, no-good, slow moving S.O.B.’s the Aboriginal leadership was until I picked up the Gazette on Monday January 29th. I learnt through the good writings of journalist Joan Brydan that the Federal Government of Canada was “exasperated by the snail’s pace of treaty negotiations” and that ... read more ››

Traveling on

Most people I meet who are non-Native have a false perception of who my people are. I find this is even more so with European or Asian people as I travel through Spain. For those of us who were born and raised in a First Nations community, life has not been ... read more ››

U.S. Senators Attack Canada’s Forestry Policy

Canada’s forestry policy came under heavy fire during U.S. Senate hearings last month. The criticisms came during confirmation hearings for the new U.S. trade representative. He will lead negotiations with Canada on the highly disputed export of Canadian lumber to the U.S. Almost two-thirds of Canadian lumber gets exported to the U.S., ... read more ››