Volume 7, Issue 24

Are you Ready for Winter?

People are getting ready to put out the pumpkins. Halloween is around the comers with all its ghosts and goblins. It’s a fun and scary time but a real scare is on the way: flu and pneumonia. It can hit anyone in the winter. While flu isn’t seen as a ... read more ››

Burnt Church

Lobster season is officially over for the Mi’kmaq of Esgenoôpetitj (Burnt Church) First Nation, but their struggle with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans continues. “We closed the lobster fishery on October 7 and went straight into salmon fishing,” hereditary chief Lloyd Augustine explained in a telephone interview, “And already we’ve ... read more ››

Corbiere and you

On May 20th of 1999, the Supreme Court gave 18 months for the Federal government to engage in consultations with First Nations peoples in what was called the Corbiere Decision. It was to find a method to balance the rights of on and off-reserve Natives. At the end of the ... read more ››

Cree Mining Conference

The Second Cree Mining Conference was necessary as a follow-up to the 1st Cree Mining Conference, Jim MacLeod, the conference host, said. “We dealt with issues like training, employment, mining and exploration in the trappers territory,” said MacLeod. MacLeod wanted to see a relationship that would benefit both parties. “One ... read more ››

Era of Residential School Days – “How can one find freedom without taking it from somebody else”

The freedom to choose in this rich country of ours was never meant for everyone. Aboriginal peoples, the poorest of this country, would constantly fight to have that right. This beautiful country Canada would only recognize or give back “Aboriginal Rights” to areas where natural resources – supply of wealth ... read more ››

Far From Home

Many people from First Nations communities along the James Bay coast spend a lot of time out on the land at their traditional hunting and trapping grounds. These trips vary in time and can last for a few hours or for several weeks or months. The traditional areas that are ... read more ››

Free Leonard Peltier!

Supporters of Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier are hoping to convince outgoing President Bill Clinton to grant Peltier clemency. They have launched a campaign to get Clinton to act before he leaves office and let Peltier out. You can leave your comments on the White House comments line at (202) 456-1111. Call ... read more ››

Garbage Plan a Declaration of “War”

First Nations people in northern Ontario are being joined by non-Natives to oppose a plan to send 20 million tonnes of garbage to the north over the next 20 years. Toronto city council voted to approve the controversial $1-billion contract on Oct. 11. “Toronto has now officially declared war on northerners,” said ... read more ››

Hundreds May Miss Gun-Permit Deadline

Alarm is spreading among Cree hunters and trappers as the December 31 deadline approaches for gun owners to have a firearms license under the new federal Firearms Act. The law imposes harsh penalties for firearm owners who don’t have a license by Dec. 31, including fines, criminal charges and confiscation of ... read more ››

Team Indigenous Scopes out Future Tourneys

Team Indigenous has been invited back to Finland’s Universal Players Hockey Tournament next year, and might compete in the World Junior Championship, to be held in Norway this year. Canada’s national Aboriginal youth hockey squad was a big hit at the Finnish tournament last August. It placed fifth out of 12 teams ... read more ››

Tembec Slams Quebec for Wood Shortage

The president of the forestry company Tembec has broken ranks with his forestry-industry colleagues and criticized Quebec for allowing the forests to be “over-exploited.” “We over-exploited our forests, and we (will now) have to close sawmills and plants. This is a certainty,” said Frank Dottori in a presentation to a National ... read more ››

The New Age of Hunting

Did you ever notice the increase of hunters out there during peak seasons? Seems to me that everyone’s out hunting and this is encouraging to know that traditional pursuits are still being practiced. But, there is a gang of diehards who’ll go out everyday, no matter what, after work is ... read more ››

The Spies and I

At the moment Trudeau died, I was being watched by spies, dozens of spies. Almost the entire alphabet was represented – CSIS, CSE, CIA, NSA, MI5. Especially MIB, Men in Black. Somber dark tones are obviously still in style for the discerning intelligence professional. We were all at the annual conference of ... read more ››

You’ve Heard of ‘Where’s Waldo”? Well it’s Time to Play: Where’s Nauldo?

Since his appointment a year ago, the Minister of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault, has been conspicuously absent from places one would expect to see a man of his position: Saskatoon (where police dump Natives outside town in winter), Caldwell First Nation, Burnt Church, the Ipperwash Vigil on September 6th, the ... read more ››