Volume 5, Issue 14

$80G vanishes from Elders’ account Northern manager fired after coupie ioses savings

The North West Co. has fired one of its store managers, Mike Taylor, after over $80,000 disappeared from an elderly couple’s account at Eastmain’s Northern Store. The Elders, Willie and Hattie Moses, discovered there wasn’t any money left in their account when they went to make a deposit with their stepdaughter. They ... read more ››

Beaudoin pledges support for Cultural Institute

The Cree Cultural Institute got a boost when Louise Beaudoin, Quebec’s Culture Minister,passed through Ouje-Bougoumou this month during her first-ever official visit to theNorth. Beaudoin was given a tour of the community and told about the Cultural Institute,which needs $8 million in funding to get off the ground. Beaudoin’s spokeswoman, Manon Larouche, said ... read more ››

Chiefs question Quebec’s Indian policy

The Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador has rejected the Quebec government’s “partnership, development, achievement” deal. The new deal was initially praised by some Native representatives. Among other things, Quebec proposed that Native people would pay sales tax and bands could decide how to spend this money. Other ... read more ››

Dark Secrets Laid to Rest

I was invited to a film screening recently. It was a disturbing documentary called The Nitinaht Chronicles. It follows the Ditidaht First Nation in Nitinaht Lake Reserve. B.C., as they work on a six-year healing journey. It was a film that left many with tears in their eyes, both during ... read more ››

From Father to Son

Since Father’s Day is coming we gathered some Native wisdom that was traditionallyhanded down from father to sons in the past on Religion, Tradition and Being.Happy Father’s Day. Luther Standing Bear ( 168?-1939), Oglala Sioux Chief: “The American Indian is of the soil, whether it be the region of the forests, plains, ... read more ››

Health Canada Warning

Health Canada is advising anyone who uses EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. auto injectors toimmediately return them to the pharmacy for free replacement. These products aredefective and could be dangerous.

My First Child

(told by Sarah Ratt) When I had my first child, I was told what to do and how to handle myself. When it came time for me to give birth, our elderly woman and my aunt Daisy were there. Fortunately, I did well when I gave birth because I did what ... read more ››

Never Without Consent

This, without question, is a book that every Cree should have as required reading in school. If you have ever had a question on what, why or how Native people should look at themselves in terms of the Quebec sovereignty question, then this is it. This is the Everest that Bouchard ... read more ››

Relationship Reality

Answer each question for yourself, then go over them again and choose (honestly) how you think your partner would respond. There are different categories: temperment, daily habits, money, work, and values. You’ll see what works for you and what you still need to work out. It will help you decide ... read more ››

rez notes: the results

Frankly, we here at The Nation were overwhelmed. Overwhelmed at the enormous responsewe received to the rez notes questionnaire a few weeks back. We were humbled. Shocked.Frightened. As no doubt, you, the readers, will be when you read the following results.Brace yourselves. The readers have spoken. This is what they ... read more ››

Sawmill loses $2M in first year

Waswanipi’s Nabakatuk sawmill lost $2 million in its first 10 months of operations,far more than the loss predicted when the project was announced Peter Gull, president of Waswanipi Mishtuk Corp., which built the sawmill togetherwith Domtar, did not return phone calls. But Jeannot Gervais, director-general of the sawmill, confirmed that the loss ... read more ››

Spitting on Natives?

Is there a place for the lyiyuuch, Mi’qmaq, Innu, Inuit, Kanienkehaka in the Quebec family? The government of Lucien Bouchard is holding out a seat at the table with its new First Nations policy. But it has already been denounced by the chiefs (see News, p. 5). Marianne Roy is a supporter ... read more ››

Toxic spill not so bad: mining giant

Canadian mining giant Cameco Corp. says the toxic spill of 1,700 kilograms of cyanide in central Asia isn’t as bad as local officials say. A truck carrying the poisonous chemical to a gold mine operated by Cameco plunged into the Barskoon River earlier this month. The accident poisoned 181 people, killed fish ... read more ››

Under The Northern Sky

I’ve just finished a good meal of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and turnips. I should be more careful because I think I’m gaining some weight. Come to think of it I have been eating very well lately, but often I think of my parents’ wigwam in Attawapiskat and I can ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Cyber-stalking could happen to you.

Cyber-stalking could happen to you. As a cyber friend of mine could attest. Well call her “Sara.” Sara, like Kachine, is another friend I met on the Internet. Even though her job is Internet-related, and she is Net-savvy, she still had fallen victim to a stalker. It is true that that you get ... read more ››

Worst government we ever had: ecologist

Hydro-Quebec’s proposed Mégiscane River hydro project proves that the PQ government isthe worst in Quebec’s history when it comes to the environment, charges a prominentenvironmentalist. The latest hydro project is on Cree land, but Hydro-Quebec is trying to avoid holdinghearings into the project as called for by the James Bay and ... read more ››

Your Horrorscope

Gemini (May 20-June 21) You are at your zenith of your ability to perform great and notable things. Utilize this period of power to resolve all postponed problems. Relax and let the good times roll. Cancer (June 22-July 22) You’re regaining your self-esteem, and this new dimension of pride will give you ... read more ››