Answer each question for yourself, then go over them again and choose (honestly) how you think your partner would respond. There are different categories: temperment, daily habits, money, work, and values. You’ll see what works for you and what you still need to work out. It will help you decide whether or not you can make the compromises necessary for the relationship to work.


When you fight:

– you yell a lot to get it all out of your system
– you take time out to think about the issue and then discuss it calmly.
– you think fighting is a waste of time – life is too short

Your partner is leaving for a fun-filled weekend alone with his/her friends.How do you feel?

– sad and lonely – you hate being away from each other
– okay – you can hang out with your own friends and make sure that the next weekendgetaway is together
– yeehaw! you’re single for the weekend and loving it

Check off all that apply:

– you’re a people person
– you like to meet new people in social situations
– you think about things for hours before you can make a decision
– you blow up easily
– you tell your friends everything
– you always see the bright side of things

Daily habits:

Your favorite way to fall asleep is:

– watching TV
– reading a book
– talking until you doze off

When people come to visit your place, they usually:

– trip over all the junk on the floor as they walk in
– feel at home – your place is comfortable and tidy
– take their shoes off and tiptoe around your stuff – they know how picky you are

Check all that apply. Do you:

– smoke
– eat healthy
– gossip
– work out regularly
– always have the TV or radio on


When it comes to paying bills, you:

– make the minimum payment
– pay as much as you can afford and leave yourself some spending money for fun
– pay them in full as soon as you get the bill

When you buy gifts, you usually:

– get your loved ones something great, even if it costs more than you planned
– get something little that fits in your budget that you’ll know they’ll like
– it doesn’t really matter what you get – it’s the thought that counts, right?

You just got a bonus. You:

– save it for a rainy day
– splurge on whatever it is you’ve been dying to get lately
– buy something that you need and save the rest


When your partner decides to work overtime you feel:

– neglected and peeved off – what about you?
– you understand. It’s nice to know you’re involved with someone who cares about what they do
– thrilled – someone who brings in as much dough as possible is just what you’ve always wanted

You work to:

– make lots of money
– do what you love and fulfill yourself creatively
– pay the bills

If you were to have a baby, you would:

– find out about daycare costs – you both want to work full-time
– one of you has to cut down on hours – work is important but so is family
– one of you has to leave your job – kids need one parent at home


How important is religion in your life?

– a lot. You are a strong believer and a faithful follower
– somewhat. You follow the major holidays, and attend services occasionally
– not at all

The perfect way to raise kids is:

– with as many activities as possible – encouraging them to explore their talents
– leave them alone. Just make sure they don’t get into trouble at school
– let your interests be your guide. You know what’s best for your child

Check all that apply:

– we share the same religion
– we grew up living under the same economic circumstances
– we come from the same cultural background
– we have the same level of education
– we agree on having kids and how to raise them

Now that you’ve answered the questions for both yourself and your partner, go back and count how many of your answers matched up. Your score will tell you how well suited you are to one another.

If the majority of your answers are the same, great! It’s a match. But if your answers don’t all correspond, don’t panic. Take a look at the issues that you don’t agree on and decide how important they are in your life. Then set aside a time when you can talk about it, and decide what’s needs to be worked out. Only you can decide, as a couple, if it’s worth the work, and how to figure things out.