Volume 5, Issue 12

2 Mags

THIS ISSUE: magazines. One of the most unique magazines in Canada (other than TheNation) is FRANK. Based in Ottawa, FRANK gives you the unsanitized inside dirt on the political scene,plus all sorts of inane gossip that’s fun to read. FRANK is the “gutter press” at itsfinest. Or worst (depending on if ... read more ››

cree@large (May 5, 1998)

At age 10, Katejun Coonishish is only two years older than his home community ofOuje-Bougoumou. Already he’s a three-year veteran and “flying like a bird” in the roughand tumble world of motocross racing. Racing is in Katejun’s blood. Both of his parents, Sydney and Sarah, raced snowmobiles.His career began not long ... read more ››

Debate grows on

Is there enough community input into how chiefs divide up scarce funds between the communities? Should the decision be based more on the needs of each community, as opposed to backroom haggling? The debate is growing because of how funds were divvied up in the Quebec-Cree “MOLT deal signed in March. ... read more ››

Diabetes epidemic worse than ever Crees have one of highest recorded rates in world

Crees have one of the highest rates of diabetes recorded anywhere in the world, according to figures from the Cree Board of Health and Social Services. In some communities, 19 to 24 per cent of adult Crees have diabetes, according to the latest health board figures. Only two other populations anywhere in ... read more ››

Diamond discovery

Diamonds have been discovered in the Cree territory in the Otish Mountains about 300 kmnorth of Chibougamau. Preliminary drilling holds promise, according to Tom Hashimoto,president of Ditem Explorations Inc. Ditem drilled six holes and found four diamonds. “That’s a good start. We’re very optimistic,” said Hashimoto. The diamonds are knownas macros ... read more ››

Giving birth alone in the bush

We were inland that fall. Then winter settled in. We always lived with Bobby wherever we were. My husband and Bobby used to travel to work on their traps. When they left, they used to be gone for a week at a time. I think Daisy was five years old ... read more ››

How to have a healthy pregnancy

Some women think you should eat a lot more when you’re pregnant, and that the more weight you gain the better for your baby. But this is not true — most Cree women need to gain only 15 lbs. to have a healthy baby. Thinner women and teenagers may need ... read more ››

I was looking for the Truth…

I was looking for the Truth and I had exhausted the traditional avenues for said search.The various churches, newspapers, magazines, books, creeds, TV, friends and what haveyou. So I got on the Internet. I typed in, “The Truth.” It was instantaneous.I had a million or so matches for the truth. ... read more ››

Mistissini Karate Club gets six medals

Last April 4, Mistissini’s Karate Club traveled to Amos, Quebec, for its first tournamentever. It took place at Polyvalente La Foret, and when it was over Mistissini walked awaywith six medals. Twelve-year-old Noah Cheechoo won a gold medal in orange-belt fighting. Kenny Wapachee,another orange-belt, took the bronze in Kata. Katas are ... read more ››

Quebec-Cree MOU: money or unity

The Quebec-Cree Memorandum of Understanding just won’t go away, it seems. The Nation received some documents in the mail. They contained the breakdown on what each community would receive under the Quebec-Cree MOU process. The breakdown numbers have some people mad. The differences in how much some communities came away ... read more ››

Sniffing out the problem

Many Crees now talk about drinking and drugs in the communities, but the growing problem of sniffing among children is less out in the open. “We are certain that children are sniffing in some communities, and suspect it ishappening in all the communities,” says Bob Imrie, health promotion officer with theCree ... read more ››

Who got what in deal with Quebec

Here, finally, is the breakdown of who got what in the Quebec-Cree “MOU” deal.The information comes from documents mailed anonymously to The Nation. A month ago, we requested these same documents from the Quebec Native Affairs Ministryunder the Access to Information Act. The law gives officials 20 days to respond to ... read more ››

World Wide Webb: Welcome to my first column

Welcome to my first column. I will write, but not exclusively, about the Internet.As the name suggests it will be world wide. In the spirit of our mother’s day/bridalissue I want to introduce you to my friend. A very good friend of mine. I have known hersince October. I still ... read more ››

Yourself and your connection to the cosmos

Taurus (April 20-May 19) Venus is this sign’s ruler. Thus Taureans are sensualists. Those born under this sign are obsessed with accumulating wealth (yawn…) Earth is their element and because of this, they are said to be practical but constantly wary of the future and its possibilities. Gemini (May 20-June 21) Geminis are ... read more ››