Last April 4, Mistissini’s Karate Club traveled to Amos, Quebec, for its first tournamentever. It took place at Polyvalente La Foret, and when it was over Mistissini walked awaywith six medals.

Twelve-year-old Noah Cheechoo won a gold medal in orange-belt fighting. Kenny Wapachee,another orange-belt, took the bronze in Kata. Katas are a series of moves this15-year-old had no problems with. The youngest medal winner was Marvin Gunner, agednine, who fought his way to a bronze medal in the orange-belt fighting category.

The big winner was Sensei (teacher) Patrick MacDonald, a 2nd dan black belt. MacDonaldwon 1st place in fighting to get the gold medal. He also claimed gold in Kata and Silverin team Kata.

Other team members who attended the tournament were Kelly-Anne MacLeod, Louise MacLeod,Nekamoon Mitchell and Maunianne Mitchell. Families of the team also attended to showtheir support.