Welcome to my first column. I will write, but not exclusively, about the Internet.As the name suggests it will be world wide. In the spirit of our mother’s day/bridalissue I want to introduce you to my friend. A very good friend of mine. I have known hersince October. I still have not seen, or shaken her hand, or even talked to her. I onlytalked to her on the phone for the first time just last week. She was, until recently, inAustralia. She’s now in the States. Her name is Kachine. She will be getting married nextweek with Dune. A Vegas wedding. However, there will be no Elvis impersonators. I met heron the Internet in Native American Chat. A Virtual Places room. It lets you “Chat” withother people from across the world over in real time with text scrolling in a window.You also get to see an “av,” or Avatar, in the “room,” which is a small picture that is arepresentation of you.

If you don’t want to join and download the program you can go in as a guest, which limitsyour options though. I joined in September and I can be found there most nights. Sincethen I have seen many people come and go. Kachine has always been there. Our friendshiphas developed since. She has also developed a friendship with Dune, so special that theyare getting married. They met and fell in love online never having each other. She movedfrom Australia to Vegas to be with her man. Here is her story.

Kachine: there’s some important parts left out

lyiyuu: oh

Kachine: so wanna know the part i didn’t mention?

lyiyuu: sure tell me Kachine: k

Kachine: a few weeks before i came here to meet him – he broke up with me he got coldfeet… i was ripped apart… never have i felt such pain… but he came back after a fewdays and we got to talking again…and decided we’ll give it a try and see if after aweek together it will work out… so when i arrived and when i turned around to see hisface for the first time…he took one good look at me and vowed to make it work…andwe’ve been happy ever since…those few days were the hardest days i ever had to face…I was so lost without him

kachine: and so was he…….he was just

scared of not being able to give me everything

kachine: men huh? kachine: LOL ( = Laughing out Loud) kachine: that was what i omittediyiyuu: wow

kachine: will that make a good story? iyiyuu: oh will it

kachine: LOL cool

From Kachine and Dune’s website:


I know what you’re thinking… You’re thinking, “Oh no, not another corny virtual lovestory.” Corny or not… love has its ways of finding you wherever you are and whatever you do. This page is about how LOVE stumbled into my computer… where it began and how it ended so unclench your teeth and read on – I promise, this won’t hurt a bit….

KACHINE’S STORY… Destiny… a word best describes how Dune and I met… now it’s a fulfilled destiny. Yes, I do believe it’s fate…t he day I met Dune was my first day in chat and he’s the very first person I had the guts to send a personal message to. Then he disappeared for what seemed like eternity… I think it was almost a month before I saw him in the chat room again – a few days after someone just broke my heart and he was there to pick me up. So, every night after that we’d meet and talk for hours… got to know each other and pretty soon I couldn’t wait till office hours were over… I start missing him more and more… I knew I was in love when I started seeing less and less of my friends and spend till 4 a.m. talking to Dune… then the day came when we both revealed how we felt -1 think if I remember it correctly, I was the first one who admitted how I felt and that I have fallen in love with him. My friends thought I lost it… although I don’t blame them for thinking that way – I mean, how can anyone fall for someone he/she hasn’t met in real life… but as we all know, sometimes love has mysterious ways of showing up… besides, I think it’s well justified cuz I fell for Dune cuz of his heart and not what he looked like. Like I said it hasn’t been easy for us… with the distance and all… we’d both cry on the phone and wonder if we’re ever gonna see each other and be together… those were horrible times – we’d miss each other so much that sometimes it rips both of us apart. Then one night came, sometime last December when I proposed to Dune… yes. I was the one who popped

the question first… I remember he said, “That’s not fair, I want to ask you that question when you come over so I can ask you in persbn,” but nevertheless he said, “YES,” and every night since he’d ask me to marry him. Then the day came when he and I are to meet… I was a nervous wreck. I arrived in Las Vegas while he was at work and the waiting seemed forever… I jumped when the phone rang and Dune was on the other line asking me to meet him in the lobby. So there I was making my way down to the lobby when a man came up to me and started talking like he knew me -1 thought, “Oh god, no… came all the way here for this????” This man was not only overweight but he’s not even pleasant-looking. Imagine my relief when I learned it wasn’t Dune but just someone trying to pick me up…. Whew! So anyways, to continue… I began my search once again and a familiar voice called my name – that’s when I turned around to catch a glimpse of the man I am to spend the rest of my life with… I tell you -1 almost fainted… I was so nervous that as he was walking towards me I didn’t even realize I was walking backwards till he asked, “Why are you walking backwards?”… and the rest is history… sigh… I always love looking back on the night we met – I fall more and more in love with Dune each time I think of that night.

If you want to check out the chat rooms go to www.excite.com. Be very careful though. Careful of what information you give out to people. There are horror stories about that also (for next time). But it’s nice to know that there are people like Kachine and Dune online who can be good friends even if you’re a half a world away. To Kachine and Dune, may the creator smile upon the love that you both share and I raise a virtual glass to toast your marriage. Elvis impersonator or not.