Volume 4, Issue 11

1984-1997, An Era Has Ended

Doctor Beatrice served Mistissini from 1984 to 1997. She is now leaving the community. At her good-bye party in an emotion-packed speech she told Mistissini residents she felt like she was leaving family. She remembered when the latest clinic was built she thought it was so large but said today ... read more ››

A Trail Too Far

A new snowmobile trail is snaking into the heartland of the Innu territory and bisects the winter range of the threatened Mealy Mountain caribou herd. Already almost half-built, work on the 250-km Ptarmigan Trail stopped in mid-March when the Innu obtained a temporary injunction halting further construction. The Innu were never ... read more ››

Adopting Assimilation – Part Two

In 1967, Jewish Family Services began putting Native children into Jewish homes. These stories tell what it is like for a Native American to be adopted into a white Jewish family. It is told through a series of interviews involving four adults. Part Two. Ellah is 25, a Cree from Lac ... read more ››

Careless “Truck Drivers” on Route du Nord Highway

Traveling on La Route du Nord, the turn off going to Nemaska located between Chibougamau and Mistissini, is extremely dangerous and unsafe, in terms of the volume of transport trucks, meeting them face-on and being followed by one. Traveling along this route is now very different subsequent to the Inmet mining ... read more ››

Cree Hockey Enters Third Period

The future of the two Cree Nation hockey teams was being decided at a meeting in Chibougamau as we went to press this issue. The future looks bright. But not enough to wear shades. Both teams are now in a fragile position as second-class citizens in Quebec’s hockey world. This year ... read more ››

Day of Protest

The federal government must seriously consider the reforms recommended by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, and not let the report sit on a shelf, says the Canadian Human Rights Commission. “What Canada needs is a blueprint for change that makes a new relationship with the Aboriginal peoples a national imperative ... read more ››

Dead Air Greets Chisasibi

One of the most successful Cree community radio stations went off the air on April 1st but it was no April Fool’s joke for Chisasibi residents. People were expecting a bingo but instead Madeline Iserhoff read a letter explaining the reasons for the Chisasibi radio station going off the air and ... read more ››

Everybody Hurts

When I write about Domestic Violence there are so many aspects to it. Where it leads, why we abuse, why we accept being abused and so on. In a way I’ve been selfish, making all men look like wife abusers and basically making them all look bad. In the beginning of ... read more ››

Heading Towards Homebase

Congratulations to the Eastmain Cree! Through the 750-km walk, local bingos and other activities they have achieved 10 per cent of their community’s goal of $ 1 million towards a new sports complex. Besides an arena, this new building will have a stage, a youth center and an area where ... read more ››

Inquiry at Long Last?

Twenty years after two Innu men died in mysterious circumstances while fishing on the Moisie River, the Quebec government appears ready to finally hold a public inquiry into the suspicious deaths. Quebec had promised to hold an inquiry last fall, but put the idea on hold until recently. The Innu say ... read more ››

Où Est Le Boeuf?

It is indeed painful at times to bring up old news but sometimes you can even forget that it’s there. And it is there for the asking! One hundred and fifty Crees having jobs working at Hydro-Quebec. Don’t worry folks, it’s in the latest Agreement!!! Did I mention the target date ... read more ››

Rez Notes

Item One: Photo Celebrity Contest: And the winner is… Wait a minute. Who is that with James Hetfield of Metallica?… I’m sorry dear readers. We do not have a winner. Gemini-award-nominated Jane of all Media Trades, Catherine Bainbridge, with her points hovering in the high 8’s will have to be ... read more ››

The Name Game

When columnists or writers put their names at the top of a story, it is called their by-line. This by-line adds credibility to the story and guarantees a certain responsibility. So why Red Snapper? The answer lies in the context of this light-hearted piece, a short exposé about some of ... read more ››