It is indeed painful at times to bring up old news but sometimes you can even forget that it’s there. And it is there for the asking! One hundred and fifty Crees having jobs working at Hydro-Quebec. Don’t worry folks, it’s in the latest Agreement!!!

Did I mention the target date was 1996? Over a year and two months ago we saw yet another unfufillment of yet another Agreement meant to benefit all Crees. How can we not benefit given the unemployment rates these days?

But sadly, fulfilling Agreements and treaties by corporations is going the way of governments when they said, “As long as the grass grows, the sun rises, the rivers flow we will respect these treaties…” No jobs; in fact, last time I looked less than 10 per cent of the promised 150 jobs. Perhaps I am being hard on the poor boys from Hydra-Quebec. However when you hard-sell me I expect you to live up to the terms of the arrangement. No excuses, no problems, you carry out your side of the deal and I’ll take care of mine!

If you did not think you could do what you promised then it is fraud, pure and simple. Basically I think that if one party did not fulfill their duties and obligations then I require the equivalent in monetary compensation.

If Hydro-Quebec can’t fufill their bargain to create the jobs, then let the Cree communities, organizations or businesses do it. Enable Crees to employ 150 Cree workers.

Couldn’t Cree economies handle an extra $4.5 million? That’s based on the average HQ salary being $30,000 a year. Who knows? Might even be more! What about at least opening up the free cafeteria at LG-2 to Crees?

So I guess the question is whether or not we’ll even see the money since we didn’t get the jobs. Honestly, it’s enough to cry foul but the umpire is nowhere to be found these days.

Full satisfaction was found by the party of Hydro-Quebec, as they got what they wanted. Crees gave up something in return for other things. Those things, jobs and otherwise, have not been forthcoming and since the Manhattan trading goods have not arrived then perhaps it is time for a change in the relationship.

Social Services have always told Crees to stay out of abusive relationships. Perhaps it is time to take their advice. Let the circle of lies be broken. It is time for the Crees to wake up and realize that the other side got what they wanted and now why should they fulfill their obligations without a cattle prod. Crees aren’t even charging interest. What kind of business sense is that?

Ultimately this shows us that Crees have to look at the problems in the relationships with non-Crees. And Crees will have to deal with them or we are lost. Each portion of an unfulfilled agreement is a right gained and then lost. Eventually there will be no rights left. So let’s start with the 150 jobs or compensation. Just a reminder to Hydro-Quebec.