Volume 4, Issue 7

“It was green, had big eyes and long teeth”

“It was green, had big eyes and long teeth,” said Ti-Jean but I didn’t believe him and it was late so I wanted to leave. We had heard too many of these stories. Earlier when I was more alert, a geophysicist said he had seen “lights” on the other side ... read more ››

150 Call on Wemindji Chief to Resign

One hundred and fifty Wemindji residents have signed a letter asking Chief Walter Hughboy to resign because the band is “out of control.” “We, members of the First Nation of Wemindji, know for a fact that you don’t have the credibility both internally and externally as a leader,” says the letter. “You ... read more ››

Do I Bitch?

Are you ready to quit? Sick of the system? Fed up with the mysterious “they” Cree leadership/your boss/the feds in Ottawa/the PQ in Quebec City and all who control your destiny? Yes? Well friend, you may be suffering from the common disease of the downtrodden—APATHY! Apathy is defined as follows: 1. ... read more ››

Hey, Buddy…Got a Good Ski-doo Story?

Willie Trapper, 29, journalist I went out on a joyride on the lake one day. I wanted to set a record. In one place, I saw a bump. I thought it was just a snowpile. But it was a “mistissini.” When I hit it, my skidoo flew about 15 or 20 ... read more ››

Moto-x Season Approacheth

Katejun Coonishish and Nathaniel Bosum are in spring training. The motocross season is coming up soon and the moto-x superstars from Ouje-Bougoumou are ready. Faithful readers will remember that our lads were headed to Florida before the holidays to compete in a prestigious international moto-cross challenge. Twelve countries were represented by 3,800 ... read more ››

NASA Sighting Investigated

Why does NASA have an installation at LG-1 complete with satellite dish and other strange gadgets? We at The Nation felt like we were caught in a bad episode of The X-Files as we tried to get to the bottom of NASA’s presence in Iyiyuuschii. Are they keeping an eye on ... read more ››

When Hell Froze Over: Raid

The race began in typical Nation style with an early morning call from an almost hysterical colleague saying something about a brief but violent scuffle, cops at the door at four in the morning and a flight cancellation. After statements were taken and bruises nursed, The Nation team was ready ... read more ››

Women and the Royal Commission

I attended the conference on the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples held recently at McGill University. First of all, through some delays in registration by the Cree School Board, as students we found ourselves scurrying around looking for ways to get in after we were informed it was ... read more ››