Katejun Coonishish and Nathaniel Bosum are in spring training. The motocross season is coming up soon and the moto-x superstars from Ouje-Bougoumou are ready.

Faithful readers will remember that our lads were headed to Florida before the holidays to compete in a prestigious international moto-cross challenge.

Twelve countries were represented by 3,800 racers. It was the first time there for both boys and they did very impressively, even though they were competing against “factory riders” with machines a year more advanced than everyone else’s.

Nathaniel outperformed all the other Canadians in his age group, placing 14th out of 100 riders in the Grand Prix, 13th out of 42 who made the Moto-X finals and 27th out of 42 finalists in Super-X.

Katejun placed 25th out of 140 competitors in his age group, even though he had a tooth ache for the first two days of the six-day competition and had to see a dentist.

Katejun and Nathaniel are getting ready for races this spring in Quebec.

The first one is in Trois-Rivieres this April. Good luck, boys!