ARTICLES BY Dorothy MacLeod-Nicholls

Father’s Day Celebration

While attending university in Montreal, I had a chance to visit Louise (Jefferies). She gave me pictures her mother, Annie had kept of us when we were young. One photo, of my father and I, spoke to me. I am about three years old and my father is holding my hand ... read more ››

The Strangers in Red

It was about 1946. It was a bright sunny summer morning when I rushed out of the house to begin a new day of adventures and exciting things that children do. I had heard the drone of a plane or, I thought maybe two, earlier when I was still in bed, ... read more ››

Birth in the Spring

Far from the city northward toward the mud flats of James Bay the geese will be migrating. Returning from Elizabeth’s school in Montreal, I heard their honking early one morning as they flew overhead. It was the month of March and it seemed almost too early for them to be ... read more ››

Memories of Christmas

December 16, 1994 (Vol. 2, No. 2) I woke up feeling the crisp chilly air around me. My younger sister snuggled in close to draw warmth from my back. I could hear my father chopping kind ling on the front porch as it echoed through the cold air. The goose-feathered comforter ... read more ››

Women and the Royal Commission

I attended the conference on the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples held recently at McGill University. First of all, through some delays in registration by the Cree School Board, as students we found ourselves scurrying around looking for ways to get in after we were informed it was ... read more ››

Open Letter to Commissioners Cree School Board

On September 18, our student association attended your commissioners’ meeting at the new site for the Post-Secondary School offices in Montreal. Our intentions were to meet with anyone who would listen to our reasons for opposing the moving of the offices. We were successful in that you acknowledged us as ... read more ››

Back on the bandwagon

I’m back on the “band wagon” again, saying curling is a must in our community. Curling is a sport which has given me great pleasure in the past Living in an isolated northern community with my husband and young family, I found the winter months long and confinement to the house ... read more ››

Stone soup

Many moons ago, at a time when I was young in body at least, the village had a very unique and honourable tradition which fell by the wayside. Many circumstances played a role in its downfall. The village became a community and the population grew to the extent where the ... read more ››

What are you looking for?

Reading has always been a favourite pastime for me. I have tried to apply some of the good things I read in the many different situations where I needed guidance to see things in a positive light. When I hear people discribe a town or village as this way or ... read more ››

Leaving home

The summer season was coming to a close. I felt it in the coolness of the evenings and saw it in the light mist that hung over the bay as dawn crept over the forest which surrounded the village. Our long hours of daylight were shorter and fewer children came to ... read more ››