“It was green, had big eyes and long teeth,” said Ti-Jean but I didn’t believe him and it was late so I wanted to leave. We had heard too many of these stories. Earlier when I was more alert, a geophysicist said he had seen “lights” on the other side of Hudson Bay. There wasn’t time for him to elaborate because the plane was leaving with or without me. There was another one. In a place on the land a Cree family is visited for four nights by lights in the sky. When the SQ came to investigate, the visitors left.

I don’t blame them. I bet they leave when NASA is around too. We can only hope. Who in the known universe wouldn’t want to visit a place like the rez. Look at the Radissonie. They visited 20 something years ago and now they don’t want to leave. And don’t plan to. It is past sundown.

Photo With Celebrity Contest: If you don’t recognize the guy standing with his arm wrapped around Edna Neeposh of Nemaska, he is Jackson Browne (photo above). I’m pretty sure he played with The Eagles. The photo was taken at some swanky club in Manhattan after the Ban The Dam Jam at the Beacon Theatre. This photo is worth 4.5 points on the scale we use. Several more than Herman and Muller from our previous entries. Why? Because he had a well-documented and tempestuous affair with Darryl Hannah who also had a fling with John Jr. of the Kennedy clan. And she also starred as the mermaid with Tom Hanks in Splash.

This other photo is of Tina Keeper and Bertie Wapachee. Bertie’s submission gets a 4.4 because he also had photos of Tom Jackson and Gordon Tootoosis. Wait a minute, he also had photos of Susan Aglukark and Tantoo Cardinal of Dances with Wolves and Black Robe at the Aboriginal Achievement Awards. But the rule is one photo per contestant and after analyzing the situation further we find it deserves additional .1 for effort. Alright, potential contestants the people to beat are Jackson Browne and Tina Keeper. Keep those photos coming before the as yet undecided upon deadline.

Things get so hectic here during production we forgot to identify the kids on our Valentine’s Day issue. The two are Tanya Blacksmith and Jordan Blacksmith Heritage of Mistissini. They were three at the time.