Volume 3, Issue 2

“Gift from the stars”: Quévillon booms

There is good news and bad news for the rabbits of the Lebel-sur-Quévillon area. The good news is that the rabbit population is multiplying. The bad news is that it’s multiplying because no one wants to eat them. Massive pollution from the forestry operations that are the backbone of Quévillon’s economy has ... read more ››


To All Members of the Nemiscau First Nation and Residents of Nemiscau: It is with great anticipation that the Chief and Council of the Nemiscau First Nation announce that 1996 is to be a celebration of the child and childhood. We are proposing this action so as to give all services ... read more ››

Diabetes epidemic alarms health staff

A diabetes epidemic is spreading through the Cree communities because of poor diet, inadequate exercize and lack of information about the problem, warn health experts. The number of Crees with diabetes is 150 times greater today than it was 20 years ago and rising steadily. “Everybody I’ve talked to is diagnosing it ... read more ››

Eastman hosts speaking contest

This year, Wabannutao Eyou School staff hosted the CSB Regional Public Speaking Contest. This event was held on Tuesday, November 21 in the school gymnasium. For this competition, there were three language categories: Cree, English and French. There were 14 contestants participating in the event. Schools in Chisasibi, Whapmagoostui, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Mistissini ... read more ››

Hunters Didn’t Go Home Empty-Handed Cinch Class A Prize

The Chisasibi Hunters were in fine form as they powered their way undefeated to win the Class A Championships at this year’s Val d’Or tournament. A 9-2 win over the Waskaganish Wings set the pace on Friday. The next day it was the Waswanipi Chiefs’ turn to feel the pain, by ... read more ››

Irwin admits siding with Iraq

Canada is siding with some of the world’s worst dictatorships to slow down recognition of Native rights by the United Nations, Indian Affairs Minister Ron Irwin has admitted. “Major numbers of countries that commit atrocities are trying to slow down the process,” Irwin said in an interview with journalists from First ... read more ››

Melvin ‘The Mule” Murray: KickBoxer

A lot of kids who grow up, especially mixed bloods, either get beat up a lot or learn how to fight. Melvin Murray learned how to fight. Growing up in Prince George, B.C., was tough for Mel and his brother who are half Cree. “My brother looks more Native, he got ... read more ››

Native population to skyrocket

There’s going to be a heck of a lot more Natives around pretty soon. The First Nations population of Canada will rise by almost 50 per cent in the next 25 years, according to Statistics Canada. The increase is the result of falling infant mortality rates and rising life expectancy, says a ... read more ››

Once again…

Once again Rez Notes finds itself at a loss for words a scant few hours before another deadline. A desperate scramble in the form late phone calls, intense scans through the paper, vicious interrogations of Nation staff and just plain fiction dug up the following. But is it good to the ... read more ››

Once Upon a Traditional Childhood Christmas

I remember a traditional childhood Christmas with my loving parents, my big sisters Jane and Sarah, my littlest sister Irene and most of all my big brother Samuel whom I adored with all my heart. I remember another family who was spending the winter with us. Another family with many small ... read more ››

Separatists promise “unrelenting struggle”

A new separatist group has emerged that promises to “ostracize” opponents of Quebec sovereignty and use protest tactics such as “occupation” of stores that do not obey Quebec’s language law, Bill 101. The secretive group’s president says the movement is not terrorist, but warned that some activities could degenerate into violence. The ... read more ››