To All Members of the Nemiscau First Nation and Residents of Nemiscau:

It is with great anticipation that the Chief and Council of the Nemiscau First Nation announce that 1996 is to be a celebration of the child and childhood. We are proposing this action so as to give all services and programs which operate in the Nemiscau community an opportunity to develop and deliver programs and projects which are aimed at the Nemiscau resident who is between the ages of infanthood and twelve years of age.

We are looking for ideas which will give our children new experiences and challenge their imaginations. All programs should be able to enrich the child’s life while encouraging him or her to learn and explore personal skills which may not have been previously noted.

Our children are our greatest resource and we need to celebrate their childhood as a time of exploration and joy.

In 1996, look for programs and services, training sessions and workshops which will help us all to ensure that each child who
lives in Nemiscau will have a i healthy, safe and joyous childhood experience.

Chief George Wapachee Cree Nation of Nemiscau