Once again Rez Notes finds itself at a loss for words a scant few hours before another deadline. A desperate scramble in the form late phone calls, intense scans through the paper, vicious interrogations of Nation staff and just plain fiction dug up the following.

But is it good to the last drop?

A new coffee has just been launched. Coffee Guys, a coffee drinkers newsletter, reports that Kopi Luwak is made from coffee cherries “recovered from the feces of the paradoxurus, a small tree dwelling marsupial.” I think what they’re trying to tell us politely is the animal eats coffee cherries and excretes them out intact and they roast them up “real nice.” The price for one cup of this brew? Only five dollars. That works out to $110 a pound. Order yours today.

Now that we’ve got your undivided attention, did you hear the one about this guy who “borrowed” several thousand dollars from an airline’s cargo and went on a shopping spree? The authorities are, no doubt, investigating.

News from the environmental front. A Chisasibi Eeyou has a camp practically in the shadow of one of the largest Hydro electric installations in the world. But does he subscribe to the service? Oh no, he’s smart. He uses solar power. Yes, he’s got a panel set up and he’s absorbing those rays. Let’s all be like “Daniel” and follow his example. Actually, his name is Charlie.

Oowahh!! A Hong Kong newspaper pulled a “Nunatsiaq News” when it published a photograph of Lucien Bouchard and his significant American other, Audrey Best. South China Morning Post identified the extremely happy couple as the terrible twosome of Britain’s “House of Horrors” fame. The headline went,”Cheerful, Charming Odd-jobman West Driven by Sex and Sadism.” It might be apocryphal but it’s said that Bouchard is planning on pulling a “Mellow Ronnie” and taking the Post to court.

Hello-o-o: Some bright architect in Chisasibi forgot an important lesson from Architecture 101 when he designed too large foundations for the trailers they transported from Radisson. We are told.

From the car radio: The always rude radio advice host “Dr.” Laura Schlesinger had the gall to order a caller seeking her help to put out her cigarette. Radio’s answer to Ann Landers can be heard on CKIS Oldies 990, weekday evenings at seven.

Last and most likely least, Val d’Or shook again as hordes of outsiders descended upon the “city.” Terrified citizens looked on as the invaders laid waste their streets, restaurants and, of course, the bars. Violence erupted at the Chateau 80 between two large groups as yet unidentified. Maybe it’s just as well. You don’t want to mess with guys of that ilk. Coincidentally, there was also a hockey tournament the same weekend. Many scored both on and off the ice.