ARTICLES BY Chief George Wapachee

The Zero Balance Club

The attached program has been successfully implemented in our community and may be of some interest to The Nation’s readers. For the past three years, our local housing program has begun a ‚ÄúZero Balance Club. ” By Chief George Wapachee The payment of monthly rent, as we all know, has not had ... read more ››

A Little Bit About Nemiscau

In 1 978, or 1 8 years ago, the community of Nemiscau, situated here on Champion Lake, was nothing more than a few scattered woodframed tents with plywood sidings, and numerous outdoor privies (toilets). We only had one telephone for the whole community and this was located at our make-shift “General ... read more ››


To All Members of the Nemiscau First Nation and Residents of Nemiscau: It is with great anticipation that the Chief and Council of the Nemiscau First Nation announce that 1996 is to be a celebration of the child and childhood. We are proposing this action so as to give all services ... read more ››