This year, Wabannutao Eyou School staff hosted the CSB Regional Public Speaking Contest. This event was held on Tuesday, November 21 in the school gymnasium.

For this competition, there were three language categories: Cree, English and French.

There were 14 contestants participating in the event. Schools in Chisasibi, Whapmagoostui, Nemaska, Waskaganish, Mistissini and Waswanipi were represented.

Approximately 150 people attended this event. The evening began with a banquet, followed by the speeches. Under the guidance of Rita Gilpin, the Eastmain Youth Dancers performed some square dances during the intermission while we waited for the judges to tabulate the scores and choose the winners.

Topics covered everything from Elders to youth, drugs and alcohol, culture, personal growth and political developments.

There were cash prizes, as well as a trophy prize for the school with the most points overall. Cash prizes were as follows: Maggie Matoush (1st Cree sector, $ 1,000), Edward Diamond ( I st English sector, $ 1,000), Leigh-Ann Gates ( I st French sector, $ 1,000), Mary J. Blueboy (2nd Cree, $500), Jonathan Hollands (2nd English, $500), Louise Coon-Come (2nd French, $500), Lisa Bobbish (3rd Cree, $300), Mary Nicquanicappo (3rd English, $300) and Melanie Dixon-Gilpin (3rd French, $300).

Mistissini’s Voyageur Memorial School won the trophy prize for the highest points.

Following the contest, there was a teen dance for the participants sponsored by our Student Council and Brighter Future Program Organizers.

The Organizing Committee members. Rose D. Gilpin, Patricia Ross,Josephine Gilpin, Brenda Cheezo, Marjorie Mark and Beatrice Gilpin-Mayappo, did a great job in the organization of the event.

Everyone had an enjoyable evening with the speakers, dancers and the banquet.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the Organizing Committee and the other people who helped out in any way to make the evening a success. Wabannutao Eyou School staff and students were proud to host this regional event for the first time.

—Dorothy Gilpin, School Principal, Wabannutao Eyou School