Volume 1, Issue 19

Alcoholism conference underway

As we went to press, 1,000 people were coming to Montreal to attend the sixth annual conference of the National Association for Native American Children of Alcoholics. The theme for this year’s conference, held from Sept. 15-18, was: “The Healing Journey: Expanding our Vision.” Work-shops were held on topics like the ... read more ››

Billboard features native talent

Canada’s aboriginal music talent is getting noticed internationally. Billboard magazine, a highly influential U.S. music industry weekly, devoted a front-page feature article to native musicians in Canada in its Sept. 3 issue. After a long struggle for recognition, the article reports, native artists are starting to make some breakthroughs on commercial radio ... read more ››

Chief guilty of assault

Lac Rapide Chief Jean-Maurice Matchewan has been found guilty of assault charges at the Maniwaki court house. Chief Matchewan was accused of assault after a dispute at a New Year’s party in a Lac Rapide home. One woman, Viana Maranda, had to be hospitalized for almost two weeks after the dispute. ... read more ››

Cree people are very much alive

There is something beautiful that goes on each and every day. Especially in the hunting territories which are left intact. The richness of our heritage is very apparent, be it the land itself or our culture as a people. Contrary to what some people believe, the Cree people are very much ... read more ››

Crees asked to be “partners in education”

There’s good news and bad news in the latest annual report from the Cree School Board. A new school opened in Ouje-Bougoumou, the Wiinibekuu Eeyou School in Waskaganish got an extension, the schools in Whapmagoostui and Eastmain will soon have extensions too and Quebec has agreed to Cree demands for a ... read more ››

Davis Inlet holds out

Davis Inlet pulled together to stave off a near-invasion in early September by up to 100 members of the RCMP tactical squad and a horde of justice officials intent on restoring Canadian law in this Innu community. Debris was scattered along the airport’s runway, Innu came from other communities to support ... read more ››

Do the DJ’s shuffle

Downtown Montreal, Thursday night. The natives are restless and DJ’s is jumping. Crammed with CEGEP, high school, a few university students and once in a while the odd, totally out of place older couple reliving the Jurassic period by bumping and grinding to this season’s hit parade on the crowded ... read more ››

Hi-tech symposium to link Crees

Cree individuals and organizations interested in learning about the latest trends in the communications industry should checkout a two-day symposium organized by the James Bay Communications Society in Montreal Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. This symposium is intended to help Crees learn about current trends in communications technologies, cost-effective ways of ... read more ››

How many more times?

I just would like to drop a few words to The Nation and the public in general. I supposed we could have never stopped it even if we were to know what the Quebec government was planning to do when they started surveying the northern territories of then-Ruperts Land in the ... read more ››

I am in the great school of life

Travelling the world and experiencing many adventures from early on has given me insight and an ability in relating back to others the things I’ve learned. This article then is on the issue of identity. The way we belong. The way we perceive ourselves and other people. At times, it will ... read more ››

Jani’s Gift

Jani Lauzon, Blue Voice, New Voice RA Records P.O. Box 72087 1652 Dartmouth Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4J 5C1 Jani Lauzon is an Cree-Ojibway Metis artist with a passion for the blues. When I first came across this phenomenal voice it was an unplanned experience at a blues bar here in Montreal. I was ... read more ››

MOOSE The decline of a great animal

On August 30, we gathered at the arena to discuss a moose management plan for the coming year of 1995. Twenty-six tallymen and their families were there. Of course, a lot of other hunters and trappers were there too. As the discussions became heated, personally I felt this was a climax of ... read more ››

Nurturing Community Pride

A lot of people talk about rebuilding community pride. About how people cared for one another in the “old days.” How problems weren’t as difficult because everyone cared about each other. How they could always count on one another for help when they needed it. People talk about sharing what ... read more ››

Parti Quebecois seizes power, takes Ungava: We’re on our way to normal

Two more words: Le Hir. The infamous Richard Le Hir and the rest of his buds were elected to power on Sept. 12. Even though the PQ got only 16,000 more votes than the Liberals, Le Hir’s party won 77 seats compared to a measly 47 for the Liberals. Democracy is ... read more ››

Policies on Policing Mistissini style

The Nation contacted one of the newest Band Councils to see how they are handling the policing crisis. ChieF William Mianscum and the new Mistissini Band Councillors would be meeting the First test oF their administration. This new Band Council is not afraid to meet new challenges head on. Chief Mianscum ... read more ››

Racist firing costs feds $200,000

A native woman who was fired from the civil service has received the largest compensation payment ever granted to a federal employee. Mary Pitawankwat, 44, said her firing was due to racism and recently accepted $200,000 in compensation from the Heritage Ministry. Pitawanakwat, who was fired in 1986, will also get ... read more ››

Spooks bugging natives?

Is CSIS spying on natives? That’s the question asked in the last issue of The Eastern Door, the Kahnawake newspaper. “With all the attention on CSIS having paid informants in while extremist groups, no one has asked if they have paid agitators or informants among Native groups in Canada,” says the Mohawk ... read more ››

SQ Says Situation Is In Hand

When Sept. 1 rolled around, the SQ provincial police knew there would be a problem. Lack of funding meant that the Cree people would be without police services. The Nation contacted Lt. Greg Stevens attached to SQ aboriginal communities services and agent Micheal Brunet of the Surete du Quebec’s public relations ... read more ››

Unrest sweeps Mexico

Indigenous groups and opposition politicians are calling for civil disobedience in Mexico following widespread electoral irregularities during the recent elections. Even before the election, the aboriginal Zapatista rebels of the impoverished state of Chiapas promised that if the election was marred by irregularities, the country would rise up in protest. That ... read more ››

White Buffalo fulfills vision

A white buffalo has been born to a Wisconsin truck driver, fulfilling a vision that a I.akota Sioux Elder experienced 60 years ago. In the vision, a beautiful young woman appeared among the people at a time when there was no game and the people were starving. She gave them a ... read more ››

Your primer to Cree politics

In any society or culture, there exists a political structure. It can be a dictatorship, monarchy, oligarchy (rule by the few) or a democracy. In all cases, citizens should understand the rules of their government. This also applies to Crees. Without at least a basic understanding of the processes by which ... read more ››