A white buffalo has been born to a Wisconsin truck driver, fulfilling a vision that a I.akota Sioux Elder experienced 60 years ago.

In the vision, a beautiful young woman appeared among the people at a time when there was no game and the people were starving. She gave them a sacred pipe, taught them how to use it to pray and told the Sioux about the value of the buffalo. Before she left them, she said one day she would return.

As she walked away, she turned into a young white buffalo. The return of the White Buffalo Calk Woman, as 55-year-old medicine man Floyd Hand calls her, marks the arrival of a new era of reconciliation among all peoples and respect for the Earth.

Hundreds of Native Americans and other have flocked to Dave and Valerie Heider’s 46-acre spread along the Rock River near Janesville, Wise, to glimpse the white buffalo, which was born on Aug. 20. “I knew it was unusual and rare and that it meant something to the Indians, but I had no idea of the significance,” said Heider, 46, in a Chicago Tribune article. “This is really fantastic to the Indians.”

On Labour Day alone, the Heiders counted 235 visitors in their guest book, some from as far away as Europe.