Is CSIS spying on natives?

That’s the question asked in the last issue of The Eastern Door, the Kahnawake newspaper.

“With all the attention on CSIS having paid informants in while extremist groups, no one has asked if they have paid agitators or informants among Native groups in Canada,” says the Mohawk newspaper in an editorial.

The editorial refers to embarassing revelations of CSIS spying on the Heritage Front and CBC. According to media reports, one of the leaders and main instigators of violence in the Heritage Front was on the CSIS payroll.

“Looking at the American experience with the FBI and Canada’s close relationship with U.S. law enforcement and government agencies, it would not be surprising if there was some such activity by CSIS in Native areas,” says The Eastern Door.

“It could be that there are white supremacy sympathizers inside CSIS who see racist groups as the solution to a perceived immigration problem. And by extension a solution to the ‘Indian Problem’ in Canada. We wonder if we will ever know the truth.”