There is something beautiful that goes on each and every day. Especially in the hunting territories which are left intact.

The richness of our heritage is very apparent, be it the land itself or our culture as a people. Contrary to what some people believe, the Cree people are very much alive. They are alive with the same values, the same customs, the same world view. And with the same language which has been spoken for a millenium on a land that has provided everything that was needed.

On the territories that have been left intact, the stories, the legends, the teachings and the language is being effectively passed on to the next generations. We have a word for it—lyaanschaatiknuuch. It is the act of passing something from one generation to another.

There are people of all ages who are listening and learning. Some didn’t have the chance to learn. But there is something beautiful going on and the act of passing from one generation to another isn’t restricted only to the hunting territories, but also occurs in the communities. Look around and see how many people have changed paths. Witness the re-emergence of our hand drum, and the youth forming drum groups and learning from the Elders.

Many people, many youth are seeking the teachings and healings for them to be able to continue their lives in a manner which is harmonious with themselves, with others and with the universe. Many more still need to learn. As ^ the late Chisasibi Elder Joab Bearskin put it, “You won’t learn unless you seek.” Life is good and it is good to be liyuu.