ARTICLES BY Stephane Wuttune

Our sacred fire is beautiful

Nature, above all, has been responsible for my teachings. I believe her school is the greatest young people can attend. When I immerse myself in her and pray, she becomes like a mirror, and the image reflected back is my own true self. An image to heal, and to love. This article ... read more ››

I am in the great school of life

Travelling the world and experiencing many adventures from early on has given me insight and an ability in relating back to others the things I’ve learned. This article then is on the issue of identity. The way we belong. The way we perceive ourselves and other people. At times, it will ... read more ››

The path of the heart is…

Since arriving from James Bay, I have turned over many times in my head all the teachings I’ve learned. Some of the best lessons were ones I initially fought the most. My name is Stephane Wuttune. I am 25 and a Plains Cree (my friends always say “plain cree”) from the ... read more ››