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Our printemps érable

I must be a bad parent. A couple weeks ago, on March 22, I let my son skip school and then encouraged him to get into a fight. A real battle royale it was, in fact, in which we fought alongside at least 200,000 allies in downtown Montreal in an ... read more ››

Quebec smokers launch $27-billion lawsuit

The landmark class-action suit representing over 1.8 million smokers against Imperial Tobacco Canada, JTI-Macdonald Corp. and Rothmans Benson & Hedges is currently being held in Montreal. The case represents two classes of plaintiffs, those who have contracted smoking-related illnesses and those who are unable to quit. Approximately 90,000 members who smoked at ... read more ››

Missing Mistissini men return home

It’s always risky going out into the bush for some good old-fashioned hunting. With the snow melting, even experienced hunters risk getting trapped due to the changing conditions. On March 16, three men from Mistissini went out late at night to bring over supplies to their goose camp by skidoo. Bradley, ... read more ››

Tax tip for gas

With tax season rolling in, it is easy to get lost in a sea of numbers. Now a question on everyone’s mind is “what should I be getting back for off-reserve fuel purchases?” Well, I know it is on my mind. Whenever you purchase fuel off the reserve, all you have ... read more ››

Quebec unveils new budget

On March 20, Quebec Finance Minister Raymond Bachand unveiled his 2012-2013 budget to the National Assembly in Quebec City. The budget is characterized by its lack of tax increases and the focus on the Plan Nord. The budget outlined the path to fiscal balance by the year 2013-2014 and to promote ... read more ››

First geese downed

So far in the 2012 spring season, there have been only two communities that have broken the ice on goose kills so far. The first being from Mistissini, where Marcel Blacksmith got his first goose kill in early March at McLeod Point. The second being from Waswanipi and that one was ... read more ››

Being up front keeps me sober

At first I didn’t know how to react to a question asked of me recently. I had to think about it to provide an answer that made sense. A friend of mine asked me how I could be so public and proud of being an alcoholic. I told him that being ... read more ››

Finding the best

Selection camp for the Eastern Door & North (ED&N) teams that will participate in the 2012 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) was held March 24-25 at the Kahnawake Sports Complex, just outside Montreal. On hand were 50 young men and 26 young women vying for 18 spots on the men’s ... read more ››

Strength in numbers

Bringing together Val-d’Or preschoolers to march alongside busloads of Algonquin Elders and in between, about 1,500 people took to the streets for this year’s 12th annual Gabriel-Commanda Walk against Racism. “We also had an increase in the number of schools that participated this year and the communities of Pikogan, Lac Simon ... read more ››

The Health Food & Green Living Expo

Whereas everybody wants to live healthier and longer and look the best they can while doing so, walking the walk is always a lot tougher than talking the talk. This is why the Nation likes to check out large-scale expositions like the annual Expo Manger Sante et Vivre Vert or Health ... read more ››

Breaking the diabetic link between generations

When a woman is pregnant she shares every part of her existence with her unborn child from whatever she consumes to whatever she feels. Now, new research is showing that a pregnant mother with diabetes may also be sharing her disease with her offspring. According to Dr. David Dannenbaum, an MD ... read more ››

No premium?

Members of one of Quebec’s largest union federations gathered outside the Ministry of Health in Montreal on March 15 for a rally criticizing the ministry’s budget plans for health and social workers in the North. The Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS-CSN) says that $25 million of last ... read more ››

A political tug-of-war

The one fact that everyone can agree on about Attawapiskat is that the 22 modular homes sent by the federal government have all arrived in the community, and that no one is living in them. Following the band council’s declaration last October of a state of emergency due to the housing ... read more ››

More northern treasures

Here are two more mining companies that are operating in Eeyou Istchee Stornoway Diamond Corp. Vancouver, BC-based Stornoway Diamond Corp. is set to open Quebec’s first diamond mine with its flagship project, the Renard development. The firm recently concluded an agreement with Scotiabank to inject $15 million to kick-start the project, and ... read more ››

Wemindji Northern Store to close

Wemindji’s branch of the Northern Stores chain will be forced to close permanently by the end of June after the Band Council’s economic association opted to begin a partnership with food retail giant Loblaws. “Northern Stores won’t be able to operate in the community because their lease was not renewed,” said ... read more ››

Funding crisis

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM) may close within the next three months due to lack of secure funding. On October 12, 2011, the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ) suspended the centre’s provincial membership as well as recommended a suspension of its funding because of the ... read more ››

Rivers on the rocks

I recently bumped into some old friends who lamented about the changes in their normal winter and spring hunting schedules. This winter – if I may call it that – we experienced fierce winter temperatures, from super subzero to semi-tropical climes. Arrggg…what to wear? Should I look chic or heavy ... read more ››

A Cree decision

Recently a rumour came my way. It came from three different people so I assigned a reporter to look into it. The information said that by March 31 the Board of Compensation (BOC) would close its books (as it was the end of the fiscal year) and all its assets ... read more ››