It’s always risky going out into the bush for some good old-fashioned hunting. With the snow melting, even experienced hunters risk getting trapped due to the changing conditions.

On March 16, three men from Mistissini went out late at night to bring over supplies to their goose camp by skidoo. Bradley, Andrew and Freddy Mianscum never reached the site as they were trapped on an island.

By March 21, local police were notified that the Mistissini Band Council was sending a plane over the area to search for them south of the LG4. The case was then transferred over to the SQ based in Raddison as it was in their jurisdiction.

The plane was grounded the first day due to heavy fog, as was a helicopter that they had on standby to help with the search. The three were finally located on March 22, and were brought back to Mistissini by the plane.

They had a bush radio but since they never made it to the camp, they could not use it and were left stranded on the island. There were no injuries reported among the three men.