With tax season rolling in, it is easy to get lost in a sea of numbers. Now a question on everyone’s mind is “what should I be getting back for off-reserve fuel purchases?” Well, I know it is on my mind.

Whenever you purchase fuel off the reserve, all you have to do is fill out the CA-90 tax return form and you’ll be refunded the entire tax on your fuel purchases. So for most areas around the First Nations territory, the tax is $0.1155 per litre of gasoline and $0.1338 for non-coloured fuel oil. It gradually goes up for every five kilometres in distance from the reserve.

All that needs to be worked out is how many litres were purchased and then the tax return can be easily calculated. In different areas of Quebec though the rates differ but not by much, the regular rate for the entire region is $0.1620 and $0.1720 for non-coloured fuel oils.