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Protecting the boreal forest

In this case, it really is hard to see the forest for the trees, all 72 million hectares of them. That’s the area covered by the massively hyped Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement announced May 17. On the face of it, it’s a huge step forward in the way the forest industry ... read more ››

Anishinabek opposed doctorate for Mike Harris

Nipissing University plans to confer an honourary Doctor of Letters on the former Ontario premier Mike Harris on June 11. This has some First Nations upset. “You don’t reward a person who was directly responsible for so much economic hardship and divisiveness in this province. Our organization is right now working ... read more ››

Action taken in our name

Victoria Day, or Dollard-des-Ormeaux Day, on May 24 saw the fire bombing of a Royal Bank of Canada. An anarchist group calling itself the FFFC-Ottawa has claimed responsibility. The group said the attacks were made against corporate “Kanada” in defense of Indigenous land rights and the environment. Not only have non-Native ... read more ››

The Fire Season Is Upon Us

Chances are it’s going to be a long hot dry summer in northern Ontario. Much of winter was like early spring. After a very warm spring that felt like a mild summer, I predict we are in for a hot one this year. This is great news for most northerners. ... read more ››

End of an Era

These days I awake in the morning in a state of loneliness sitting in my living room or at the kitchen table. Recently, as some of you may know, there have been losses in our family. Two of my closest friends – my father and my brother – passed on. ... read more ››

Partnering up

CREECO had formed a new business partnership with Marcel Baril Ltée to obtain 51 per cent ownership of a new construction supply distribution company. The Cree Regional Economic Enterprise Company’s newest Entity will be known as Eeyou Distribution and under the new partnership agreement; both parties will be looking to pool ... read more ››

Hitting the big time

Call them the little festival that could, despite hard times, financial woes and a lifetime of living in the shadows of other major Montreal festivals, Land InSights, the Montreal First People’s Festival, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in a big way. In the last few years the First People’s festival has ... read more ››

Goose break ends

Goose break is finally over and people are slowly packing away their stuff and putting back into their sheds until next season. Many must be wondering when and what the next season will be like. It seems this year wasn’t that good of a hunt. I phoned around from Whapmagoostuii all ... read more ››

Spring 2010

There are certain things you look forward to year after year. In spring, there are shikhaabawn, fried walleye and speckled trout. Yesterday, my wife Alice and I, and our daughter Pam and her son Kenny, went out and had us a shore lunch, something we hadn’t done is some time. ... read more ››

Strateco comes to Mistissini

Several months late, Strateco finally made their way to Mistissini and Chibougamau to present the results of their environmental impact study on May 25-26. The mining development corporation was supposed to make their presentation 45 days after the environmental impact study (EIS) was released last fall but it was repeatedly delayed. At ... read more ››

More than just a roadside attraction

While Quebec may have a never-ending series of festivals running throughout the summer months, the province also has a whole bounty of attractions that can be taken in at any time for some family fun and excitement. Whether you are seeking action and adventure, water parks or roller coasters, Quebec has ... read more ››

Fighting racism from outside and within

In recognition of his contributions to working with Aboriginal communities from across Canada through his charitable organization, Gathering Nations Together (GNT), Kenny Blacksmith has been appointed to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF). The CRRF originated out of an agreement between the Canadian government and the National Association of Japanese Canadians ... read more ››

Crees victorious in court

Canada’s top court ruled in favour of the Grand Council of the Crees in regards to a six-year battle sparked by a mining company’s attempt to leave the Crees out of the equation when it came to obtaining mining permits for a vanadium mine on Cree territory. Six years ago, Lac ... read more ››

Updating life

The clock rings loudly in the darkened room. The sun has been up since five and all the curtains are drawn tightly, lest any sunlight enter the room prematurely, awakening this grumpy old man by mistake. Yes, summer is approaching quickly and so is the longest day of the year. ... read more ››

Clean water is in the Act

The Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act was introduced in Parliament on May 26. While undoubtedly good news for many, we must always remember the Feds giveth and the Feds taketh away. Along with the Act is a two-year extension of the First Nations Water and Wastewater Action Plan. “First ... read more ››