Goose break is finally over and people are slowly packing away their stuff and putting back into their sheds until next season. Many must be wondering when and what the next season will be like.

It seems this year wasn’t that good of a hunt. I phoned around from Whapmagoostuii all the way to Mistissini and just about everyone said the hunt wasn’t what they expected.

Most people only got a few geese here and there, just what they needed to put on their tables.  The most I know that a person shot was about 60, but I guess hunting in Cornwall doesn’t really count.

This makes me think of the times way back with our ancestors when food was scarce. How could they have survived a season without much to show? Easy for us, all we have to do is take out some cash from the ATM and go down the road to buy a thick juicy T-bone steak to put into our stomachs. Imagine the number of times a hunter had to go home empty-handed wondering how to feed his family.

I only had a little taste of a goose this year but that is enough. Of course, I would love to have more than that but I am thankful that I have enough to eat in my refrigerator. Even though you didn’t get what you anticipated be thankful. All you have to do is maybe swipe a card.

Agooda, until next year and have yourselves a great summer.