While Quebec may have a never-ending series of festivals running throughout the summer months, the province also has a whole bounty of attractions that can be taken in at any time for some family fun and excitement.

Whether you are seeking action and adventure, water parks or roller coasters, Quebec has it all. To give you a few ideas for what to do with your downtime, read on.

La Ronde

If you are looking for a theme park that has loads of rides and entertainment for the little ones, roller coasters and adventure rides for the thrill seekers and fun to take in for just about everyone, La Ronde has it all.

Built in 1967 for Expo, La Ronde is a world-class theme park that has something new to offer to patrons with every season. This year new additions include Ednör L’Attaque, a sea-monster-theme roller coaster and the Terminator X: The Ultimate Laser Battle.

Stay for the day and play with the family or on special select evenings throughout the summer, La Ronde becomes the ultimate place to take in the Montreal International Fireworks Competition. Open from May until mid-October.

Info: www.laronde.com

Quebec’s Aquarium Park

Located just outside of Quebec City in St-Foy, Quebec’s Aquarium Park offers loads of unique activities and aquarium-themed fun for everyone in the family.

Where else can kids feed walruses, participate in a special animal-keeper for a day program, go on a zip-line course designed especially for children, meet some polar bears (safely) or cool off in a water park?

This is a wonderful place for fun, learning and excitement.

Info: www.sepaq.com/ct/paq/index.dot?language_id=1

Parc Safari

If you’ve ever wondered where you might be able to go on a safari outside of Africa, look no further than Parc Safari.

Featuring a wildlife safari, exotic wildlife in an observatory, theme-park rides and a water park to splash around in, Parc Safari has it all.

With over 600 animals from five different continents, Parc Safari is an ideal one-day getaway for the family to learn about animals from all over the world, play together and be entertained.

Info: www.parcsafari.com/home.php

Granby Zoo

When you just want to hit the zoo with the kids and get a truly authentic zoo experience, there is no better place in the province than the Granby Zoo.

Founded in 1953, the Granby Zoo features animals from all over the globe in five different “zoo zones”: Africa, America, Asia, Oceania and “the village.” The whole family can walk about the zoo for hours enjoying the five different zones and learning about each animal’s habitat.

After working up a sweat while wandering around in the summer sun, why not chill out at the Yoplait Amazoo Water Park in the wave pool, the “Lazy River” or the water-games basin.

Info: www.zoodegranby.com/

Village du Père-Noël

While most kids are gearing up for summer fun, there’s a minority of them who can never get Santa Claus off the brain.

If you happen to be in the Laurentians and the kids are up for a day of climbing, running and jumping in a bouncy house, taking the mini-cars out on the track or meeting up with St. Nick and his elves, Santa Claus’s Village is the place to take them any time of year.

Info: www.noel.qc.ca/en/index.php

Val-Jalbert’s Historic Village

If your family ever wondered what old Quebec was really like and you happen to be in the Saguenay/Lac Saint-Jean region, then check out Val-Jalbert’s Historic Village.

This tourist hot spot is a partially restored ghost town with many of its original structures. There are guides and actors playing historical characters to tell the story of the town’s industrial history and old-school entertainment. This location also features breathtaking 35- and 72-metre-high waterfalls.

Info: www.valjalbert.com/

La Cité de l’Or

If you’re ever in Val-d’Or and you’re looking for something both educational and fun for the family, why not spend a day learning about mining at the Cité de l’Or?

The only place in Quebec where you can take a tour 91 metres underground to explore what was once one of the most productive gold mines in the province. Visitors can have tours of the mine, equipment and grounds, visit the mining village, and enjoy exhibitions and live entertainment.

Info: www.citedelor.com/en-ca/

Zoo sauvage de St-Félicien

If you’re in St-Félicien, spend the day at its wildlife park to see Quebec wildlife as well as many other creatures from around the globe.

Featuring polar bears, Japanese macaques, seals, cougars, otters, camels, wolverines and many more species, this park also offers a great deal of learning about conservation, animal habitats, land management and land protection.

For a day of family fun mixed in with conservation and environmentalism, check out this unique attraction.

Info: www.zoosauvage.org/index_ete_en.php

Refuge Pageau

If you are looking for a spot for the whole family to learn about wildlife in an environment that helps local Quebec animals, look no further than the Pageau Wildlife Refuge in Amos.

For decades, the Pageau Wildlife Refuge has taken in orphaned or injured animals for rehabilitation before returning them to their natural habitats.

Visitors tour this picturesque refuge to see these animals as they recover and view the moose, bears, wolves, deer, raccoons, birds of prey and other small orphans that have made this spot their permanent home. This site also features a mini-farm where kids can learn about agriculture.

Info: www.refugepageau.ca/index.php


If excitement and adventure are more your speed and you happen to be in the Mont-Tremblant region, Acrobranche’s aerial zip-line-based obstacle courses may just be the ticket for some summertime fun.

Featuring zip-lines, ropes to swing on and a series of obstacles to get over, through and under, Acrobranche is a great place to visit to challenge yourself while getting a bird’s eye view of the forest.

With different activities geared for both children and adults this not-for-the-faint-of-heart adventure park is guaranteed to thrill and chill.

Info: www.acrobranche.com

Super Aqua Club

If swimming pools just aren’t cutting it anymore and you want to get heated up while you cool down, Super Aqua Club’s water park may just be the ticket.

A park that’s all about summer, sun and water, with 13 different slides and activities as well as other spectacular attractions, this aqua park is literally the coolest place Pointe-Calumet has going on in the summer.

Info: www.superaquaclub.com/index.html

Mont St-Sauveur’s Aquatic Parc

If you happen to be in the heart of the Laurentians and want to cool off, Mont St-Sauveur has it going on with over 25 different activities for the whole family, including a series of fun and exciting water slides.

Jet down the hills in a little raft while going through a series of chutes and pools or hit the slides solo at some unbelievable speeds. St-Sauveur also features volleyball areas and wave pools for an unbelievable day of fun in the sun.

Info: www.parcaquatique.com/

Valcartier’s Vacation Village

For the ultimate water-slide and aquatic-park experience, look no further than Valcartier’s Vacation Village.

Featuring a series of slides, rafting slides through highly decorated indoor and outdoor courses, pirate ships with swinging ropes and cannons that fire water, a children’s water park and many more attractions, Valcartier’s Vacation Village features everything that anyone could imagine when it comes to a water park.

Not only is this park the most elaborate of Quebec’s water parks, there are a series of activities for all age groups.

Info: www.valcartier.com/default.aspx?LA=EN

Jet Boating

If you are in Montreal and want a thrill-seeking adventure in the St-Laurent basin, head to the Old Port for a Jet Boating tour.

The “saute moutons” are a Montreal favourite, featuring jet-boat and speed-boat rides, these specially designed boats are the perfect way to get the adrenaline pumping while cooling off in a spray of water. This is the perfect way to get a break from the heat while in the city.

Info: www.jetboatingmontreal.com/

While these are only a handful of activities available in Quebec, they are all guaranteed to be an adventure or truly memorable way for you and your family to spend a hot summer day.

Enjoy the season!