There are certain things you look forward to year after year. In spring, there are shikhaabawn, fried walleye and speckled trout. Yesterday, my wife Alice and I, and our daughter Pam and her son Kenny, went out and had us a shore lunch, something we hadn’t done is some time. We had speckled trout, the first one of the spring, which Pam caught by the way. It was everything we anticipated.

We are truly fortunate to have a beautiful lake here in Mistissini. You can still dip your cup in and get clean, fresh and ice-cold water to drink. You can fill your kettle to make tea or at this time of year get ice-cubes from shore for your cold drinks.

“CAUTION” to all boaters out there, the water is extremely low. It’s the lowest I’ve ever seen and we have to be careful there are new shoals. They were always there, but they were down deeper of course. So watch for them and use polarized glasses, they do work.

One last point – help keep our lake clean. Do your part, don’t throw things overboard or let them get blown off. Clean up after yourself, and bring garbage back. Enjoy our lake, take your family fishing and show them your secret spots. They will not forget…