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One way or another?

They say in government the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. The analogy describes situations in which one part of the government will do something that contradicts another department’s policies or statements. This is the case with permanent placement orders authorized under the Youth Protection Act ... read more ››

When I grow up…

I always dreamed of being an astronaut, pilot, or anything that would get me off the Earth for a while. But because Cape Canaveral (or the Kennedy Space Center) was a bit too far off for me, the only real bet was to take up flying. Back then, a whole industry ... read more ››

Kashechewan boy electrocuted

Nishnawbe-Aski Police received a call the evening of July 9 informing them that an eight-year-old boy had been electrocuted. Jayden Lazarus had entered a transformer area by passing under the surrounding fence that was surrounding it. He had made contact with a cable that carried a charge of approximately 135,000 volts. He ... read more ››

‘Dirty dozen’ on the decline

A new study concludes that toxic chemical levels are finally dropping in Arctic food animals; the bad news is that the mercury content isn’t. The Canadian government recently released a study indicating that carcinogens such as PCBs and other toxins derived from pesticides sprayed in the south have been on the ... read more ››

Chisasibi man swarmed: Edward Bearskin hospitalized after attack

In a brutal July 4 incident, Chisasibi resident Edward Bearskin was savagely beaten by a group of nine young men, including five under 17, while walking home from work. The Chisasibi police station has confirmed that alcohol was a factor. The attackers used pieces of lumber to pummel him repeatedly, rendering ... read more ››

NAN supports Kashechewan decision

On Thursday, June 26, Nishnawbe Aski Nation gave its support to the Kashechewan community in its decision to withdraw from the policing agreement it had made with the Nishnawbe Aski Police Service (NAPS). The decision was based on the ever-growing concerns for the health and safety of its community. Kashechewan, like ... read more ››

Native costume sparks controversy

Haida artist and fashion designer Dorothy Grant has spoken out about the inappropriateness of the official costume that Miss Canada, Samantha Tajik, wore at the Miss Universe pageant held July 13 in Vietnam. Donning a feathered war bonnet along with a rhinestone-studded, deerskin bikini and other Aboriginal inspired accessories, Tajik, who ... read more ››

Chibougamau mayor suffers tipi injury

More than 300 people had gathered by Lac Gilman for Chibougamau’s 27th Indian Day July 5, including Mayor Donald Bubar. His Honour is not likely to forget this year’s event. A large gust of wind hit one of the tipis, injuring local resident Jean Lepage and Mayor Bubar as it fell ... read more ››

It is never too late: The time to start making the future happen is now

It is funny how economics plays a key role in our lives. Before heading off to university, I knew I wanted to help people so I thought about medicine. However, I was talking with people in the community who said the best way to help people is through business. So I ... read more ››

Interview with Henry Mianscum

Henry Mianscum is the director of Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) for the Cree Regional Authority, a position he has held for almost seven years. The Nation: The first job fair was held in Chisasibi and the second was held inland in Mistissini. Mianscum: Yes, we’re hoping to continue that idea of ... read more ››

Pow Wow heals painful past

Most articles I read on the Kahnawake Pow Wow are about the Oka Crisis and how it started the Pow Wow tradition in Kahnawake. It is true that this incident revealed many prejudices against Native peoples in the Montreal area. The purpose of the first Pow Wow in 1991 was ... read more ››

Talk is Cheap: First Nations’ and Premiers’ summits produce hot air on Native issues … while Quebec’s Native families are once again discriminated against

Quebec City was abuzz with politics July 15 as the city hosted the Canadian Premiers’ summit, hosted by Jean Charest, and The Assembly of First Nation’s Council of the Federation meeting. The Kelowna Accord, the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights and ending Aboriginal poverty were the talk of both the Premiers’ ... read more ››

Take control of your destiny: Speakers at Career Fair inspire dreams

Over the course of the Second Annual Career Fair, held July 8-10 in Mistissini, participants heard speeches from a number of role models on what you can do or achieve if they set their minds to it. Each one of them related a story that inspired, taught or touched us ... read more ››

Cree Nation Firefighter Challenge

On July 5 and 6, Mistissini hosted the 8th annual Cree Nation Firefighter Challenge. With a total of 530 points, Waswanipi was the winner of the men’s section of the team competitions. In second, not far behind came Waskaganish with 500 points and Nemaska was third with 445 points. As for the ... read more ››

Taking the poison out of the land

In January 1999, I wrote a column describing a snowmobile trip my dad, my brothers and I took north of Attawapiskat in the middle of February. On that adventure I experienced the coldest winter temperatures of my life. Our destination was Lakitusaki River, or as it is known in English, ... read more ››