More than 300 people had gathered by Lac Gilman for Chibougamau’s 27th Indian Day July 5, including Mayor Donald Bubar. His Honour is not likely to forget this year’s event.

A large gust of wind hit one of the tipis, injuring local resident Jean Lepage and Mayor Bubar as it fell on them.

While Lepage made it out unhurt, Bubar suffered from a fracture of the 6th vertebrae and was sent to the Chibougamau hospital for three days. He is now out of the hospital and doing well.

“The mayor is not angry, of course our insurance might have to cover some expenses, which is only normal, but he is not angry at all,” said Jo-Ann Toulouse, of the Cree Indian Centre of Chibougamau. “Actually, I am going to meet him for a coffee right now!”

Besides the incident, the event was very successful. Activities included the walking-out ceremony, a feast full of traditional foods and the evening ended with musical entertainment by a variety of Native artists.