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Canada opposes ban on genocide of indigenous peoples

Dickens started off his classic novel A Tale of Two Cities with the timeless sentence, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Perhaps that statement can sum up what most North American First Nations peoples felt on September 13. Certainly, most of the world’s indigenous ... read more ››

Take my editor… please

Sometimes the old adage, “the customer is always right,” still applies. For example, one visibly outraged customer complained to me that I wasn’t funny enough to meet his demands to make him laugh. I quickly retorted “humph!” and left him still fuming. Not funny eh, we’ll see who’s not funny around ... read more ››

Abraham Rupert: no regrets – Defeated Chisasibi chief vows to continue environmental battle

Two of the three chiefs most identified as environmental activists in elected Cree politics have been recently forced from office, one by an election loss and the other by term limits. Abraham Rupert served Chisasibi for six years. He led his people through the Paix des Braves referendum, in which his ... read more ››

Waskaganish Chief Blueboy resigns abruptly – Cites ‘resistance’ to leadership; special election to be called soon

In a strange twist to the August 14 election in Waskaganish, newly elected Chief Gordon Blueboy resigned his post less than a month after winning the position due to “resistance” to his leadership, among other reasons. Blueboy, who faxed a statement to his constituents and to the Nation, would not comment ... read more ››

Harper nixes rights declaration

The international community adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples September 13 over the objections of countries, such as Canada, which have large Aboriginal populations. The U.S., Australia and New Zealand also voted against the non-binding agreement at the UN General Assembly that sets out human rights ... read more ››

Inuit cruise lines

The Inuit in Nunavut, northern Quebec and northern Labrador could soon be running a joint Arctic cruise line that would bring people up to visit one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Most people prefer to head south to hotter climates, but the Inuit are banking on easier access ... read more ››

Mommy milk is best

Mommies with newborn babies are encouraged to find out more about the natural relationship between mother and child in the first week of October during breastfeeding week. This year’s theme, “Breastfeeding: Nature’s Way,” is set up to promote, protect and support breastfeeding. “It is well established that breastfeeding helps protect babies ... read more ››

Survivors’ cheques in the mail

Canada has formalized a landmark compensation deal for an estimated 80,000 former residential school students. The largest class-action lawsuit in Canadian history came into effect September 19. Assembly of First Nations Chief Phil Fontaine called it a “journey of tears, hardship and pain – but also of tremendous struggle and accomplishment.” Payments ... read more ››

From Labrador to Eeyou Istchee

Growing up in Labrador City, Valerie Brown, 34, always knew she was Cree. Her mother is Cree and her father is a Newfoundlander. Her unique look always drew stares from her non-native friends because she was the only person of a different colour within her circle. “I only spoke Cree until ... read more ››

The Mo Creebec factor

Cheryl Tomatuk, 29, has a different take on the 10-year clause. As a member of Mo Creebec, Tomatuk is well versed in the problems the clause has brought to the Mo Creebec people. The Mo Creebec Council was created 27 years ago to address the needs of James Bay Crees who moved away from ... read more ››

Rupert River diversion – Hydro Quebec HQ hemmed in by demo

The movement to halt the diversion of the Rupert River gained strength September 14 with a massive protest in front of Hydro Quebec’s headquarters in downtown Montreal. Protesters lined the block Hydro-Quebec occupies on Blvd. René-Lévesque, setting up stands to hold laundry lines that featured garments painted with messages such ... read more ››

Wild garden of memories

There is a jumble of images, sounds and moments I remember from my childhood. Yet I am sometimes surprised at how a distant moment in time can appear in sharp focus in my mind. From time to time a memory will suddenly awaken in me when I hear a song ... read more ››