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Fight isolation by sharing problems

Picture this; you are holding two people’s hands as you sit in a circle of happiness and comfort. You love and respect those around you and you trust them. You are surrounded by people you care about, people who can relate to what you’re going through, people who are living ... read more ››

Get a job, Jack

Some lives are inspired by the examples of others; some are inspired by nothing other than making money, which is of course, often the driving force for nearly everyone. As I type out this column, I feel the forces in my fingertips of the many genius computer nerds who created ... read more ››

Mistissini Social Club proposal gets clunked – Proposal to install ‘Cage aux Sports’ style resto-bar shot down by community members, band council

The community has spoken. In a six-hour meeting that attracted over 350 people to the elementary school in Mistissini, 31 out of 33 people walked up to the microphone and spoke out against the proposed idea of a resto-bar similar to Kuujuarapik’s social club. Billing his proposal as a ‘Cage aux Sports’ ... read more ››

‘We will build Great Whale’ – ADQ

In a stunning disregard for the Paix des Braves Agreement and the Cree Nation, Action Démocratique du Québec leader Mario Dumont has vowed that he would bring the multi-billion-dollar Great Whale hydroelectric project back to the forefront if his party came to power. “I still think that export, for Quebecers, is ... read more ››

Aboriginal leaders unhappy with federal budget

Aboriginal leaders across Canada are unhappy with the federal budget presented March 20 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. “This budget is doing nothing for First Nations people. It’s very disappointing,” Nova Scotia Micmac Chief Shirley Clarke said in the Montreal Gazette. “Sometimes confrontation may be the way to go, ... read more ››

Blockade on Route 117 removed

Motorists breathed a sigh of relief as a blockade on Route 117 between Val d’Or and Grand Remous was removed without incident. About 50 protestors, led by Confederation of Aboriginal Peoples leader Guillaume Carle, claimed they were asserting their Aboriginal rights and bringing to light the plight of off-reserve Natives and ... read more ››

James Bay Championships

The weekend of March 16-18 the Cree Nation of Mistissini hosted the first-ever James Bay League finals. Teams from across the Cree Nation participated in the categories of Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget hockey. This is quite an accomplishment considering that up until the past couple years few ... read more ››

‘Kelowna Bill’ passes House of Commons

Bill C-292, also known as the Act to Implement the Kelowna Accord, was passed in the House of Commons on March 22. The Bill was introduced after the Conservative government shot down the original Kelowna Accord signed in the fall of 2005 at the First Minister’s meeting by unilaterally deciding to ... read more ››

Chisasibi hosts successful job fair

The first-ever Regional Job Fair organized by the ==^ Cree Human Resources Department and held in Chisasibi, brought out many youth looking for a way to brighten their future by exploring jobs that interest them. High school students and adults alike were able to tour the booths, ranging in interest ... read more ››

The 2001 Census

In 2006 the last Canadian census was taken and though most of the information has been published, much of the data on Quebec’s north is still not available. What is available however is the new numbers on population amongst the Cree reserves and when you combine it with the previous ... read more ››

Weeneebeg Film Festival Celebrates Fifth Year – This year’s ‘community festival’ pays homage to the little guy

A lot can happen in five years. Just ask brothers Paul and Fred Rickard about their little festival that could. “When the Weeneebeg Aboriginal Film and Video Festival started off five years ago, we thought it would be a one-time event,” Paul Rickard, the filmmaking portion of the dynamic brotherly duo ... read more ››

The Kativik Regional Government’s female employees celebrated International women’s day with a potluck lunch

The Kativik Regional Government’s (KRG) female employees celebrated International women’s day with a potluck lunch on Thursday March 8th 2007. The chairperson for the KRG, Mrs. Maggie Emudluk attended the lunch and talked on the theme for the day, which was Ending Violence Against Women, Action for Real Results. Special guests, ... read more ››

Multimillion-dollar power projects coming for Kapuskasing River

Chapleau Ojibwe and Brunswick House First Nation leaders announced February 15 that the two bands have signed an agreement with a Montreal hydroelectric firm to develop several power projects. The partnership with Hydromega Services Inc. is the culmination of several years of development and negotiations that included the Wabun Tribal Council ... read more ››

Will on the Grill

Sometimes you look at what you eat and wonder what you are missing. I remember cooking for my parents for a while and leaving for a few days. When I came back they looked at me strangely. I asked them what had happened. It turned out they felt guilty because ... read more ››


If you are thinking of committing suicide please think of the people you will hurt The woman who loved you from the moment you entered her womb The father who received you into this world The grandmother who held you and prayed for you The grandfather who held your hand for your first walk ... read more ››

New life announces Spring

For my people, the James Bay Muskego Cree, spring represents hope, change and replenishment. This is the time when the geese will begin to fly back to us so that we can eat. It is also the time when the animals and the land are on the move. It has been ... read more ››