If you are thinking of committing suicide please think of the people you will hurt

The woman who loved you from the moment you entered her womb

The father who received you into this world

The grandmother who held you and prayed for you

The grandfather who held your hand for your first walk and the gun for your first shot

The brother who taught you to laugh and run

The sister who taught you to sing and love

The wife you promised in good times and bad

The song you held on his first day

The daughter you called my little princess

The friend you walked to school with in fear with on that first day

The friend who taught you to ride a bike

The friend who took you fishing

The friend who taught you about girls

The friend you stayed up all night with

The friend you worked with

The friend you drove with for the first time

The friend who never missed your birthday parties

The friend who held you when you cried

The friend who stood by your bedside when you were ill

The friend who lied to protect you

The friend who was on your team

The friend who prayed for you

The friend who shared his greatest secrets with you

The friend who raised your hand in victory

The friend who stood with you when you wed

The friend who shared your first smoke

The friend who dared you to kiss a girl

The friend who cheered you on

The friend who became your first girlfriend or boyfriend

The friend who always understood

The policeman who was on duty

The paramedic who tried to revive you

The doctor who pronounced you dead

The heavenly father who you denied

The list is endless. Only you will know how many people you will hurt. But most of all please think of the tremendous heartbreak you will cause the person who finds your body.